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Guide: renyigou super major bridge is located in renyigou Super Major Bridge in the 11th contract section of Qilin expressway. The left bridge is 1146.5 meters long, the right bridge is 1106.5 meters long, the bridge foundation pile is 69 meters deep, the maximum height of pier column is 82 meters, and the maximum span is 145 meters, It is the largest span and clearance of the whole line of Dayun Expressway and even the whole province and North China

renyigou super major bridge is located in renyigou Super Major Bridge in the 11th contract section of Qilin expressway. The left bridge is 1146.5 meters long, the right bridge is 1106.5 meters long, the bridge foundation pile is 69 meters deep, the maximum height of pier column is 82 meters, and the maximum span is 145 meters. It is a bridge construction project with the largest span, the highest headroom, the deepest pile length, and the most complex geological conditions in the whole line of Dayun Expressway and even the whole province and North China. The project is designed by CCCC first highway survey, design and Research Institute and constructed by the Third Engineering Co., Ltd. of China Railway Bridge Bureau Group. The superstructure is a combination of T-shaped rigid frame and continuous box girder for the main span, and the side span is a simply supported T-beam; The substructure is hollow pier and abutment; The design load is over 20 for cars and 120 for trailers. In the process of construction, Qilin company, together with the construction and supervision units, adheres to the principle of quality first, and its R & D and innovation capabilities need to be continuously strengthened, constantly strengthening project management, and finally won wide praise from all walks of life with a high-quality and efficient image

the largest cultural landscape of the National Expressway

the Universiade sculpture group has designed a total of 11 landscape sculptures on both sides of the 666 km Universiade expressway, which together constitute the Universiade cultural landscape, which is also unique in the history of national expressway construction, and its construction fully embodies the important connotation of "the Universiade"

in June, 2002, Cheng Yunxian, President of the Chinese Sculpture Society, led an expert group to the Dayun road for a field visit, forming a relatively perfect system plan. In combination with the specific geographical environment of the Universiade expressway, the Provincial Department of transportation and the Universiade office are based on "five important nodes and five service areas", namely, the starting point of the Universiade Road, Luocheng interchange, Yiwang interchange, Zhaokang interchange and 609 point mountain excavation as five important nodes, with Kangzhuang, Daying, Pingyao, Linfen and Yuncheng as five service areas, and set up important landmark sculptures at the starting point Datong; Kangzhuang service area focuses on the relationship between nature and people, reflecting the pursuit of "green Universiade"; Daying service area is a sculpture of Yang Jiajiang galloping the battlefield, reproducing the style of the ancient battlefield; Luocheng interchange set up important landmark sculptures; Yiwang interchange sets up important landmark sculptures; Pingyao service area reflects the style of the ancient city with the cultural columns on both sides of the road; Linfen service area has set up huge decorative columns that reflect the culture of Chinese roots and ancestors; Zhaokang interchange set up important landmark sculptures; 609 point section of the excavation mountain to set up important landmark sculptures; Yuncheng service area is set up to reflect the sculptures, reliefs and landscapes of Guan Gong's hometown and Yandu. 5. The fatigue experiment of infrared thermography technology is to shorten the experimental time and reduce the experimental cost; Coupled with the Universiade monument next to the Yanmenguan Tunnel, a road symphony with five nodes and five iconic sculptures as the main chords and accompanied by small and medium-sized sculptures and landscape art with characteristics in five service areas is formed

the first airstrip on the expressway

Daxin airstrip Daxin Expressway airstrip project has a total length of 8.103 kilometers, of which the straight-line section of k59+800-k63+000 is a highway airstrip, with a length of 3.2 kilometers, which is the first airstrip on the expressway in China. The subgrade project is undertaken by Shanxi road and bridge group company, the pavement project is undertaken by Shandong Shengli oilfield Shengli engineering construction (Group) Co., Ltd., the extension project is undertaken by Shanxi road and Bridge Group Company 1, and the whole project is supervised by Shanxi Yuanfang Yitong Supervision Consulting Co., Ltd. The total length of the median is 3.4km, and all movable guardrails are used. If takeoff is required, all guardrails within the runway can be removed to meet the requirements of 15 minute emergency start of the runway. It has been well received in many inspections by the provincial military region, the Provincial Department of communications and the provincial transportation quality inspection station. The pass rate of pavement compaction is 100%, and the pavement flatness is 0.6mm, reaching the domestic advanced level

the largest interchange

Linhou Zhaokang junction located in Linhou expressway is the largest interchange in the whole line of Dayun Expressway, covering an area of more than 200 mu. Plus the total length of the crossed and ramp lines is 10.298 kilometers, including 3 overpasses, 13 reinforced retaining walls. The orders of Chinese plastic extruder enterprises have risen sharply by 07.4 linear meters, and 31658 cubic meters of protective masonry. The technical content of this project is high, and the main processes involved include the treatment of foundation by rotary jet grouting pile, concrete filled steel tubular pier column, cast-in-situ prestressed continuous box girder, simply supported continuous prestressed box girder, prestressed hollow slab girder, steel plastic tension composite reinforced retaining wall, etc. The project was officially started on March 1st, 2001 and completed on December 31st of the same year. The Fifth Engineering Division of China Railway 15th Bureau, which undertook the project, took Zhaokang hub as the goal to strive for the "Luban Award", actively applied new technologies, new processes and new achievements, and constantly overcome difficulties. In the construction of eight ramps, five retaining walls adopted the domestic new polyolefin composite lacing belt retaining wall construction technology, achieving an economic and beautiful effect

the longest tunnel

Yanmenguan Tunnel Yanmenguan Tunnel crosses the Hengshan Mountains. It is a separate expressway tunnel. The left tunnel is 5135 meters long and the right tunnel is 5230 meters long. The distance between the two tunnels is 30 meters. The net width of the tunnel is 10.5 meters, the net height is 7.25 meters, and the inner contour area is 66 square meters. It is equipped with one-way two lane. It is the longest tunnel in the whole line of Dayun Expressway, and it is also the longest expressway long tunnel that has been constructed and completed in China. The tunnel site is located on the hillside with an altitude of more than 1400 meters. The maximum buried depth is 600 meters. The geological structure is complex. There are five types of surrounding rocks. 14 faults pass through the tunnel axis. The faults are dense, the fault distance is large, and there are karst, soft rock, water inrush, and the geological diseases are concentrated. China Railway 12th bureau group and China Railway 18th bureau group are responsible for the construction of the tunnel project. In particular, China Railway 12th bureau group, which is responsible for the construction task of the import section, reasonably optimized the construction scheme, formulated scientific and rapid construction methods, equipped with sophisticated imported machinery and equipment, and adopted the flexible method of "rock change I change" on site. With short footage, strong support and lining, it successfully completed the construction and production task in only 19 months, 4 months ahead of the contract period, and the project reached the excellent standard, It won valuable time for the opening of the Universiade on time

the longest Fenhe River crossing bridge

Fenhe River Super Major Bridge is located between k4+391.95-k5+248.05 of Houyun expressway. With a total length of 856.1 meters, it is the longest Fenhe River Crossing Bridge on Dayun Expressway. The upper structure adopts prestressed concrete simply supported and then continuous hollow slab, and the lower structure is cylindrical pier, ribbed slab abutment and bored pile foundation. The project is designed by the provincial transportation planning and Design Institute. The design load is over grade 20 for cars and grade 120 for trailers. The full width of the bridge is 28.5 meters, the basic earthquake intensity is 7 degrees, and the flood frequency is 1/300. Because the groundwater level in this section is shallow and the foundation is weak, the foundation is reinforced by powder injection piles on both sides of the bridge approach during construction, and the slope range of 50 meters on both sides of the bridge is fully protected, which not only ensures the quality of the abutment back, but also ensures the stability of the slope and abutment back. After the test of rain and snow last winter and this summer, there was no quality problem on the bridge deck

the longest soft foundation

Daxin soft foundation Daxin expressway is 127.337 kilometers long (including Shuozhou branch line). There are 58 kilometers of continuous saline soil soft foundation sections along the whole line, accounting for 45.6% of the total length. It involves 8 construction sections, and is the longest soft foundation section along the whole line of Dayun Expressway. The original design scheme was designed by the Provincial Transportation Design Institute during the dry season in 1998. At that time, the soft foundation of saline soil was only 38 kilometers. After the commencement, the sampling test and verification investigation of Daxin company, Provincial Transportation Research Institute and Provincial Transportation Design Institute found that the actual number of soft foundation was more than the original design, and it was difficult to ensure the project quality if no measures were taken. To this end, Daxin company quickly organized all technical forces to tackle key scientific research problems, scientifically put forward the disposal idea of "shallow disposal, rapid construction, soil preloading, relatively extending the natural settlement period, and absolutely ensuring the project quality", and quickly came up with methods such as "gravel compaction, gravel cushion, bagged sand well, geogrid" to overcome difficulties with 8 construction units. Practice has proved that the treated saline soil soft foundation fully meets the design requirements, and has reached the excellent standard according to the acceptance of engineering quality assessment

the highest slope

the north slope of Xinyuan fifth elevation slope in the fifth contract section of Xinyuan expressway, there is a high slope treatment project with a height of 86 meters, which is the highest slope of the whole line of Dayun Expressway. A total of 800 anchor cables are designed for more than 15000 meters and 800 anchor bolts for nearly 7000 meters. The project is undertaken by China Railway 12th bureau group

the longest viaduct

Jinci viaduct is located in the Luocheng XiaJiaYing section of Taiqi expressway. It is the longest viaduct in the whole line of Dayun Expressway, with a total length of 2611.6 meters. It is composed of 21 prefabricated post tensioned prestressed simply supported and then continuous prestressed concrete box girders and 1 cast-in-situ prestressed concrete box girder bridge, including 3 #, 4 #, 7 #, 9 #, 10 #, 12 #, 14 #, 15 # The widening part of 16 # bridge adopts cast-in-situ prestressed concrete continuous beam bridge with variable load surface; The substructure is column pier, ribbed slab platform, bored pile foundation, the upper part of ramp a bridge is cast-in-situ single box three chamber reinforced concrete widening continuous box girder, and the upper part of ramp B, C, D, e bridges is cast-in-situ single box single chamber reinforced concrete continuous beam. A total of 23893 linear meters of bored cast-in-place piles, 543 pier columns, 214 bent caps, 844 prefabricated box girders, and the total investment of the whole bridge is 111.6 million yuan. The bridge was constructed by China Railway 20th Bureau and China Railway 1st Bureau. The construction started in March 2001 and the main works were completed in November, six months ahead of schedule. The project quality has been inspected twice by the provincial key office and the provincial traffic quality supervision station, and the qualified rate is 100%

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