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The breakwater of Dalian Chemical Plant was accused of being a tofu dregs project. The Beijing News learned from the Liaoning Border Defense Corps that at 10:30 on August 8, affected by Typhoon "plum blossom", a chemical enterprise in Dalian Jinzhou Development Zone was building a dampproof dam along the coast, which broke and the sea water poured back. The local emergency was started. What are the uses and functional characteristics of the anchor fatigue testing machine? 1. Let's look at the plan introduced below, and organize officers and soldiers to rescue, so as to prevent the leakage of highly toxic chemical products caused by seawater entering the "tank farm"

by about 15:00, the sea water had been temporarily controlled. At present, the risk of breakwater failure has been effectively controlled

the 20 meter wave on the site broke down two sections of the dike

at about 6:00 a.m. on the 8th, it was found that two sections of the 500-600 meter long breakwater near the PX project of Fujia Dahua in Dagushan, Jinzhou Development Zone, Dalian were destroyed by the wave. According to the on-site interview, there are two sections of the collapsed breakwater, each of which is at least 20 or 30 meters long. At present, Dalian is mobilizing a large number of transport vehicles to transport earth and stone and the special concrete components of the breakwater for emergency landfill

according to the frontier officers and soldiers from the scene, affected by Typhoon "plum blossom", the current coastal wind in Dalian area is as high as force 8, and the coastal waves are as high as 20 meters. The huge waves washed out the dampproof dike under construction by Fujia Chemical Co., Ltd. some manufacturers can only output the maximum force dam, and the seawater poured back into the plant

dangerous highly toxic products storage tank is 50 meters away from the dam break

there are large tanks storing PX and other substances at the place about 50 meters away from the collapsed breakwater dam. At present, relevant personnel are transferring the liquid in the tanks to the safety zone through pipelines. At about 15:00 on the 8th, we saw at the rescue site that a large number of special concrete components and boulders for the cross shaped breakwater were being transported to the site and put into the sea by hundreds of large transport vehicles, so that the gap of the breakwater was repaired to block the threat of the rough sea to the oil storage tank farm and its PX plant

the border guard brigade of the Dalian Development Zone urgently dispatched police to the scene to maintain order and assist other rescue workers in evacuating nearby residents

no toxic gas leakage has been found in the rescue

it is seen at the rescue site that dozens of large-scale construction machinery have participated in the on-site rescue. Experts in petrochemical industry and environmental protection are participating in on-site emergency treatment. First aid, fire fighting, chemical prevention and other emergency preparations have been made to prevent toxic gas leakage. So far, no toxic gas leakage has been found here. It was also learned that the rescue headquarters also proposed 4. Other specific emergency measures for high-performance polyolefin materials, including environmental monitoring, and immediately organize the evacuation of communities and enterprises in case of leakage

on the 8th, the Dalian military sub district dispatched more than 130 people to rush to rescue the coastal dike destroyed by "plum blossom". At present, many military and local rescue forces have used large transport vehicles to haul stone and soil, carry cement bags, plug crevasses and reinforce dam walls under the impact of huge waves

progress the breakwater breach has been blocked

as of 15:00 yesterday, the breakwater partially collapsed and the breach has been blocked, and the danger has been completely controllable

it is understood that at present, the front-line headquarters is taking measures to further strengthen the breakwater, and has transported the cast reinforced concrete bridges, too towed trucks, a large number of twisted stones, large pieces of stonework, etc. to block the collapse. In addition, according to the latest forecast of Dalian Meteorological Bureau, Typhoon No. 9 "plum blossom" will land in Dandong to the northern part of the Korean Peninsula in the future, which will not have a significant impact on Dalian

comprehensive Xinhua news agency, Central People's Radio and other media reported that the intensity of "plum blossom" weakened and landed in North Korea

Liaodong Peninsula has heavy rain today; The national headquarters for flood control terminated the level II emergency response

this report (Jin Yu) the Central Meteorological Observatory continued to issue a typhoon blue warning at 18:00 yesterday, and "plum blossom" weakened into a tropical storm at 17:00 yesterday. At this time, its center was located in the sea off the western coast of North Korea. Since then, it moved northeast at the speed of 25 to 30 kilometers per hour, and landed on the western coast of North Korea at 18:30 yesterday. The maximum wind near the center reached level 9 at the time of landing, It is expected that the "plum blossom" will continue to move northeast at a speed of about 30 kilometers per hour, and the intensity will gradually weaken

yesterday, the typhoon wiped the Shandong Peninsula, bringing moderate to heavy rain and local rainstorms to Qingdao, Yantai, Weihai, Weifang and other Shandong cities. The next area of influence of "plum blossom" is Liaodong Peninsula. According to the prediction of the Central Meteorological Observatory, by the 10th, there will be heavy rain in the Middle East of Liaoning, Jilin and Heilongjiang, heavy rain of 100 to 150 mm in some parts of the Middle East of Liaoning, and local rainfall of 200 to 300 mm in the east of Liaoning

the Ministry of land and resources and the China Meteorological Administration predicted at 18:00 yesterday that from 20:00 yesterday to 20:00 today, some areas in central and Eastern Liaoning, central and Southern Jilin and Western Yunnan are more likely to suffer from geological disasters. Since the intensity of "plum blossom" continued to weaken after landing, the national flood control headquarters terminated the flood control level II emergency response from 19:00 yesterday

■ cope with the cancellation of dozens of flights to Shandong (Li Meiling) yesterday, affected by the strong typhoon "plum blossom", Shandong Airlines announced the cancellation of some flights on the 8th, including Jinan to and from Dalian, Weihai and Yantai to and from Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Qingdao to and from Beijing, Guangzhou, Shanghai, Seoul and other more than 30 flights. Shandong Airlines reminded passengers to call in time before travel:

China Eastern Airlines and Shanghai Airlines also cancelled 10 flights to Dalian yesterday afternoon. China Southern Airlines launched a blue warning to adjust the operating standards of these different experimental aircraft and their respective advantages to cope with the "plum blossom" northbound flight. The airports affected by the flight operation of China Southern Airlines mainly include Yantai, Dalian, Shenyang and Seoul. In addition, Air China yesterday canceled the ca1559/60 Beijing Qingdao round-trip flight

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