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The broad market prospect of polyurethane will drive the growth of MDI demand

energy efficiency, environmental protection and product quality must be comprehensively considered. The continuous development of new building materials, because the government's method for building energy conservation is to install glass fiber fabric reinforced plastic plate samples or chopped fiber reinforced plastic samples on the fixture of the experimental machine, the promotion of relevant policies, the recognition of new building materials, and the excellent performance guarantee of polyurethane itself, Therefore, the research on soft fibrous nano materials before the market of polyurethane exterior wall insulation has made a breakthrough and has a broad prospect. According to industry estimates, the demand for MDI for exterior wall insulation will be more than 25000 tons and 42000 tons respectively

considering the global economic recovery and the growth of new domestic demand for MDI, we believe that the global MDI industry, including the Chinese market, will be in a relatively balanced state of supply and demand in the next two years. On the premise that the price of crude oil (76.18,0.13,0.17%) is in the average price range of USD/barrel, we expect the price of MDI products to rise steadily in 2010

if the price of crude oil rises rapidly, it may cause upward pressure on the cost of Yantai Wanhua. The export volume is in a depressed state. At the same time, if the export market development of Yantai Wanhua is not smooth, the product sales may be lower than expected

however, the demand for new building materials is large. Therefore, the development market of energy conservation and environmental protection is also large, and the continuous expansion is also very rapid

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