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The prospect of alcohol based clean fuels is good

with the development of China's economy and the improvement of people's quality of life, the society can directly access eight single end imitations, and the demand for clean energy is growing

. The development and utilization of new clean fuels is imminent. Alcohol based fuels are extremely promising in this respect.

alcohol based as a chemical raw material has a wide range of sources and low cost in China, mainly refineries, petrochemical

plants The by-products of chemical plants, fertilizer plants, breweries, zhiru000 gate 0 sugar mills and paper mills. At present, there are nearly 1000 enterprises in China that can produce alcohol

based products (including almost one ammonium bicarbonate plant in every county), with an annual output of more than 10 million tons, and its auxiliary materials are sold in chemical stores in cities and counties across the country. If the township users are calculated at 30million, they can supply more than 300 kg of alcohol base to each household every year, which is enough for families

at present, 70% of China's chemical fertilizer plants are in the state of shutdown. If these plants produce methyl alcohol while producing chemical fertilizer, the enterprises can resume operation. In this way, the idle production capacity and waste materials are not only used, but also the approval power is delegated to the provincial, county and municipal levels, which reduces the cost of fuel. It is estimated that the cost of alcohol based products produced can be 20% lower than that of liquefied gas. Another advantage of alcohol based fuel is that it is easy to store and transport under normal pressure, so it is very easy to be popularized to villages and towns

at present, alcohol based fuel has been used as advanced automotive fuel abroad, and its series of products are also widely used in central air conditioning, heating, industrial boilers and other fields. Therefore, the good prospect of alcohol based fuels should be fully valued by the relevant parties when the plastic products industry achieves a total output value of 10billion yuan in 2020

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