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Sanzhi Heli Xichai creates high-end power for heavy truck users

Sanzhi Heli Xichai creates high-end power for heavy truck users

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according to the just released sales data, Xichai sold 51000 diesel engines in January, an increase of 33% year-on-year; The sales revenue was 2.531 billion, with a year-on-year increase of 61%. The sales situation was booming, and the phenomenon of users holding coins and other vehicles loaded with diesel engines appeared in many places across the country. The whole Xichai has entered the big business mode, and all production lines have already been at full power, working overtime to meet the needs of liberated production. In particular, with the annual design capacity of 75000 orway 11 liter engines, more than 8700 were produced in January and 8900 in February 2017, far exceeding the upper limit of the design capacity. What makes Xichai people overcome the bottleneck and constantly challenge the limit of production capacity? Recently, the author came to the FAW Xichai heavy duty diesel engine base located in Huishan District of Wuxi (hereinafter referred to as Xichai heavy duty diesel engine department) to explore the mystery

liyuxiao, head of the heavy machinery Department of Xichai Diesel Engine Co., Ltd., said that the continuous high production of Aowei engine, in addition to the hard work of employees, the more important thing is "skillful work". It can be said that with the wisdom of advanced planning, scientific management and common desire, Xichai has achieved the speed of "smart manufacturing" in China and provided high-quality products for the market

plan ahead to provide "intelligent" equipment for high quality and high yield

"if you want to do good things, you must first sharpen your tools." This ancient Chinese wisdom is uniquely understood by Qian Hengrong, the party secretary and factory director of Xichai today: "to build a national brand and high-end power, equipment is the foundation, the guarantee, and the key. To produce first-class products, world-class equipment must be used". For this reason, as early as the preparation for its establishment, the heavy machinery Department of Xichai referred to the construction standards of world-renowned engine factories, and made it clear to build a world-leading heavy-duty engine production base, so as to achieve the "three leading" goals of leading design, leading equipment and leading management, providing the most solid and powerful guarantee for the "intelligent manufacturing" of Xichai

people who have been to Xichai heavy machinery department will be impressed by its advanced production line. In a production area of 50000 square meters, world-class equipment such as German Grob machine tools, Swiss ABB robots, and American gorbel can be seen everywhere. These devices are flexible, integrated and automated. There are 179 stations in the automatic assembly line, among which FANUC robot is responsible for crankshaft assembly, which can turn the parts weighing more than 200 kg 360 degrees, place the crankshaft inside the parts, and complete the whole action at one go; Robostar three-axis robot is responsible for automatically coating the cylinder sleeve to ensure the lubrication and quality of the cylinder sleeve, and the automation rate of the whole line is 28%. 6dm machine adds 60 processes, and the automation rate is as high as 78%. At the same time, the machining production line is also equipped with equipment that can fully collect, analyze and control the machining accuracy in real time. The assembly line is equipped with automatic tightening, gluing, conveying, assembly and other equipment, and is equipped with re inspection equipment for key dimensions, torque, appearance, leakage and so on. These equipment ensure that the accuracy, reliability and production consistency of products can reach the international advanced level. In addition, the heavy-duty engine production line of Xichai diesel has also reached the top of six domestic projects, that is, the "X" production line is creatively proposed for the first time in China to meet the requirements that non adjacent three stations share a robot, reduce equipment investment, and improve robot utilization and production efficiency; For the first time, the automatic lubrication and installation of cylinder liner are realized by three-axis robot; For the first time, the optical fiber sensing non-contact detection technology is used to realize the error proof detection of the installation quality of the water seal ring of the cylinder liner, which effectively ensures the assembly quality; Reduce the intensity and pressure of manual detection; For the first time, visual error proofing technology is used to scan more than 60 features of engine parts, control the rate of defective products, and reduce zero kilometer faults and 12mis indicators; It is the first time in China to put forward the idea of implementing intelligent AGV automatic distribution in all stations of assembly line parts

in 2016, the production base of heavy vehicle engines of Xichai was selected into the "2016 intelligent manufacturing pilot demonstration project" of the Ministry of industry and information technology. Li Dong, deputy director of the equipment industry department of the Ministry of industry and information technology of the people's Republic of China, believed that there is great hope that Xichai will become a benchmark enterprise of the "made in China 2025 project"

scientific management adds "smart" power to high quality and high yield

first class intelligent equipment is the hardware guarantee for the production of high-end power, but if it is not well managed, it cannot produce the best benefits, and no matter how good the equipment is, it is also a waste. The success of many well-known enterprises in the world today stems from lean management

although Xichai heavy machinery department has built an intelligent management system characterized by intelligent scheduling, intelligent logistics and intelligent logistics support, it realizes the full life cycle data management of product research and development, production and manufacturing, and sales services. However, in order to meet the market demand, the annual design capacity of 75000 units must work hard on scientific management. Based on the research and reference of Toyota oee/gae and other production process analysis methods, Li Yuxiao creatively created and implemented the management method of LTE efficiency analysis (digital statistics and description framework of the whole production process) according to the actual situation of the production organization. Through LTE statistical analysis, employees can intuitively find the key processes and elements of each production line, such as rhythm bottleneck, quality shutdown bottleneck, equipment shutdown bottleneck, material waiting bottleneck, tool impact bottleneck, etc., providing the target direction and basic data for each key problem, and avoiding the invalid or unnecessary input of limited resources. Through analysis, it is found that the off-line tempo of oil seal has become the bottleneck of the whole line tempo. The camera shadow was used for troubleshooting and analysis, and the beat was reduced by 8 seconds. Op25 tool change and tool change detection accounted for 6% of the time loss. Under the condition of ensuring that the cost of a single tool does not rise, the cutting parameters do not fall, and the tool life is improved, the staff reduced the time loss to less than 4% from the tool material, coating, angle 123, tool change tools, auxiliary tools, man-machine action and other tests. According to statistics, since the LTE system was put into operation, the LTE of the machining line of the heavy machinery department has increased by 3.8 percentage points year-on-year, the LTE of the assembly line has increased by 4.02 percentage points year-on-year, the production cycle of diesel engines has been shortened by 92.1 minutes, and the total efficiency of the production line has reached the industry-leading level

not only that, the heavy machinery department also wants efficiency and benefits from process reengineering. The innovative application of the three link analysis method of "document, training and implementation" and the introduction of DMAIC analysis have achieved good results in the safe and healthy development of the method, and the creation of a mechanism for hanging and delisting the operation. The management processes have been continuously improved. The process reengineering has improved the management efficiency, and created zero safety production accidents. The cost of a single tool is leading in the industry, and the energy consumption of a single tool has decreased by more than 25% annually. The scrap rate of self-made parts The zero kilometer failure rate and other quality indicators have reached the industry-leading level. Scientific management has effectively improved production efficiency, reduced production costs, and promoted the continuous breakthrough of production capacity. In February 2017, 10960 diesel engines were produced, with a daily production capacity of 28% higher than that in 2016, and more than 10% higher than that in 2016; The production of cylinder blocks and cylinder heads is 8960 and 8930 respectively, with a daily production capacity exceeding 32%, which better meets the market demand of liberation

the same desire from top to bottom is the high-end power of "smart manufacturing" of national brands.

intelligent equipment and scientific management are all external factors. In order to succeed, enterprises cannot lack the key factor of "people". Qian Hengrong, party secretary and factory director of Xichai, believes that Xichai can overcome the difficulties in development and continue to maintain its leading position in the industry by having a high-quality talent team. In the hearts of Xichai people, there is a craftsman's heart, "focus, lean, innovation", and use our heart to make the heart of cars

in recent years, Xichai has received more than 70 patents and patents from the China Society of automotive engineers and FAW Group. Among them, 8 invention patents, 21 utility model patents, 2 software copyrights and 5 enterprise standards are involved in the intelligent manufacturing project of heavy-duty diesel engines. The "cylinder block water seal ring installation quality error proof detection equipment" invention patent project, which has just obtained the national invention patent authorization in 2016, innovates the traditional manual detection method, automatically detects the installation quality of the water seal ring by configuring optical fiber sensors, and realizes the automatic detection of the equipment with a distribution of no more than 94.6477 million shares, effectively ensuring the assembly quality and reducing the repair cost of the whole machine caused by the problems of the water seal ring Labor cost. The "assembly process of an overhead camshaft cylinder head assembly", which won the patent award project of FAW Group, adopts advanced production technology, realizes the automation of assembly, detection and workpiece handling, and improves the automation rate of the whole cylinder head production line to 60%. According to Li Yuxiao, in the middle of 2016, the Ministry of heavy machinery made 9771 proposals for local and physical improvement, with 9237 implemented, with more than 15 per capita. The Department's brilliant QC team successively completed 38 courses, such as "reducing the time of monthly equipment failure rate of catenary", "reducing the rework rate of cold test caused by abnormal valve opening angle", "improving the hourly production of 6dm school bus" and "improving the hourly production of 6dm school bus", when the small angle of wire change experimental machine reached the preset value, and solved the problem of hourly production of 6dm school bus by using QC techniques, Won the first prize of the national machinery industry excellent motherboard expansion phase although the signal is more comprehensive quality management group activity results. In addition to the technicians, the employees in the production line also actively use their brains to solve the problems in production. In view of the continuous high production for months, the production mode of four shifts and three operations, and the continuous shutdown of people, has brought a severe test to the equipment. Through analysis, the employees of the machine repair section find the equipment that is most likely to stop the machine tool, and use the working hours, noon hours and weekends to carry out spot inspection and maintenance for the equipment, so as to eliminate the equipment failure in the bud. In order to ensure high quality and high yield, many employees have given up their holidays and the opportunity to reunite with their relatives, and some employees have not rested for four consecutive months

wisdom is the key to success. The intelligent Xichai people are using scientific management to maximize the efficiency of intelligent devices, go all out to break the bottleneck, rush to the limit, build national brands, high-end power, and contribute to China's automotive industry

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