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The Three Gorges new material flat glass production line belongs to the backward elimination capacity

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the two listed companies are new to each other; 2. Guangjiang Sailimu Modern Agriculture Co., Ltd. (Securities Name: Xinsai shares, code: 600540) invested 40million yuan and Hubei Three Gorges new building materials Co., Ltd. (Securities Name: Three Gorges new materials, code: 600293) invested 27million yuan to jointly establish Xinjiang PuYao new building materials Co., Ltd. in Bole City, Xinjiang. According to the on-site construction situation, with the economic recovery and the introduction of internal personnel, The construction project is a five-year ordinary flat glass production line with a daily melting capacity of 500 tons/day, the fuel is a gas producer, and the actual kiln age is ecological functional polyurethane. The product will be the focus of the development of vehicle materials. The adhesion index - a measure of the adhesion between enamel and ceramic products and metal sheets. According to the relevant national policies and regulations, this project is a backward and obsolete flat glass production capacity that is strictly restricted by the state

this project is designed by China Kaisheng International Engineering Co., Ltd. and contracted by Henan installation company. The project is disguised by obtaining the project approval procedures in the name of producing energy-saving coated glass and having a kiln age of 10 years. In violation of regulations, the state strictly restricts the production capacity of backward and obsolete flat glass. The project is now in the construction stage. Relevant departments, glass associations and media are requested to investigate and urge it to carry out construction and transformation in accordance with national policies, Investors who invest in the above listed companies' stocks should pay attention to investment risks. The content of this article is for reference only and does not constitute investment advice. Investors operate accordingly at their own risk

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