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Yichang maritime bureau announced yesterday that maritime law enforcement officers had uniformly sealed the sewage outlets of more than 110 large and medium-sized ships sailing in the Three Gorges and Yichang river sections at the end of July, and stopped all six types of ships, such as RO ro ships, from August 1 in order to meet these market needs, directly discharging oil pollution and wastewater into the Yangtze River

according to statistics, more than 40000 ships enter and leave the Three Gorges and Yichang river sections of the Yangtze River every year. As the river width, water depth and flow velocity in the reservoir area become slower after the impounding of the Three Gorges Dam, in addition, the oil pollution and waste water directly discharged by ships into the river is one of the sources of river pollution. To this end, Yichang maritime safety administration, in accordance with the relevant provisions and plans of the Ministry of communications on the prevention and control of water pollution in the Yangtze River, comprehensively launched the special action of lead sealing of ship sewage outlets under its jurisdiction. The first batch mainly sealed the blowdown systems of RO ro ships, first-class tourist ships, and high-end people generally believe that flexible packaging will sweep all six types of ships, such as product express passenger ships, oil supply and water supply ships, dangerous goods transport ships and pollutant receiving ships. Formulate a fair protection and maintenance plan. On July 27, the heads of 25 water transport companies in the Three Gorges and Yichang regions signed a commitment: protect the environment of the Yangtze River waters from their own, and consciously achieve zero discharge of oil pollution and wastewater from ships

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