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Three Gorges paint completes the painting work of the Yangtze River Tianxingzhou bridge with high quality

Three Gorges paint completes the painting work of the Yangtze River Tianxingzhou bridge with high quality

July 16, 2007

[China paint information] on July 11, it was learned from Chongqing Three Gorges Co., Ltd. that the Three Gorges paint company has recently completed the painting work of nearly 10000 square meters of steel beams of Wuhan Tianxingzhou railway dual-use super large Yangtze River Bridge. The supervision company and the owner are satisfied with the quality of Xia brand paint series products with the more effective application of the first batch of 20 ton three network technology. In particular, he praised the consumption per cubic meter of the Three Gorges brand paint and the dry film thickness obtained after one-time spraying

Tianxingzhou bridge is located in Qingshan District, with a total length of 11 kilometers and a total investment of 11.06 billion yuan. It is currently the largest "two-way four track" railway and eight lane highway dual-purpose super large Yangtze River Bridge under construction in China. The bridge will be completed on September 30, 2008. The whole project will form a huge railway overpass with an area of 30 square kilometers, which will end the history of no railway overpass in China

in October, 2006, the painting project of Tianxingzhou bridge began to invite bids. With its strong strength and superb technology, the Three Gorges paint company stood out among many bidders. However, the utilization of plastic is far from enough for Chinese cars to be easily verified from one laboratory to another. It officially won the bid in early 2007 and entered the bridge site in April. The painting project of Tianxingzhou bridge is divided into three sections, and the Three Gorges paint company is responsible for the painting of two sections, with a total area of about 250000 square meters. After entering the bridge construction site, the Three Gorges company first faced the rust removal of steel beams. If the high-speed sand derusting device is used, the dust and noise are very large, and the speed and power are expected to be equivalent to the wind force of force 18. At the same time of derusting, it cannot be guaranteed that the sand will not pollute the paint surface. The company adopts two processes to stagger and pay attention to the wind direction at the same time. In this way, although it is delayed and tightened, it is suitable for long working hours, but it ensures the quality of the project; The second is the corners of the coating equipment. The workers first worked at the corners by hand. Although the workload was increased by 20%, the quality was guaranteed

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