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In 2017, the "three lines" of steel capacity reduction were established.

recently, the inter ministerial Joint Conference on the development of the steel and coal industry to resolve excess capacity and overcome difficulties held a steel capacity reduction work conference in Beijing. Lin nianxiu, deputy director of the national development and Reform Commission, presided over the meeting and made a speech. Xu Lejiang, Deputy Minister of the Ministry of industry and information technology, made specific arrangements and arrangements for the work of reducing steel production capacity in 2017

the meeting held that resolving excess steel production capacity is a major decision and deployment of the CPC Central Committee and the State Council, and a major task to promote supply side structural reform. In 2016, under the strong leadership of the Party Central Committee and the State Council, the inter ministerial joint meeting on the elimination of excess capacity and poverty relief development of the iron and steel and coal industry coordinated, and various regions and relevant parties made joint efforts to carry out a large number of in-depth and detailed work. The initial battle of iron and steel de capacity was won, with tangible results, and the production and operation of the industry improved significantly. However, we must be soberly aware that the fundamentals of serious overcapacity in the iron and steel industry have not changed, the foundation for price recovery and efficiency recovery is not yet solid, and the task of resolving overcapacity in iron and steel is still arduous

the era of electronic information and electrical appliances is characterized by intelligence, cloud based, lightness and high-speed. According to the requirements of the proposal, we should unswervingly follow the arrangements and arrangements of the CPC Central Committee and the State Council, carry forward the spirit of stepping on the stone and holding the iron mark, abandon the idea of slackness, overcome the fear of difficulties, enhance the awareness of innovation, continue to overcome difficulties, and promote the continuous deepening of steel production capacity reduction. The first is to unswervingly dispose of zombie enterprises, the second is to resolutely ban dizhigang according to law, the third is to strictly prohibit the addition of steel production capacity, the fourth is to completely withdraw the production capacity that does not meet the standards of relevant laws and regulations, and the fifth is to comprehensively promote the work of resolving production capacity and structural adjustment

the meeting stressed the need to thoroughly implement the spirit of the central economic work conference, the 15th meeting of the central leading group for finance and economics, and the requirements of the government work report on capacity reduction. It will really make your wire rope horizontal tensile testing machine operate sensitively, work hard, and strive for practical results, so as to fight the battle of steel capacity reduction in 2017. In work, we should focus on four aspects:

first, ideological understanding is in place. We should have a deep understanding of the seriousness, necessity and urgency of resolving steel overcapacity from the perspective of keeping in line with the CPC Central Committee and stressing politics, so as to ensure that the decisions, arrangements and requirements of the Central Committee are implemented

second, the task is completed in place. We should grasp the "three lines": the first line is the bottom line, and we should ensure the completion of the capacity reduction task of about 50million tons; The second line is the red line, which should be completely banned; The third line is to go online. We should pay close attention to the market price of steel to prevent big ups and downs in the market in order to plug loopholes as soon as possible

third, work measures are in place. We should not avoid the key and difficult points and risk points in our work, go deep into reality, investigate and study, and actively formulate response plans and effective measures. We should refine and implement the relevant policy documents on resolving steel overcapacity, combine the actual situation, adjust measures to local conditions, and work for practical results to ensure the smooth progress of resolving steel overcapacity

fourth, implement it in place. We should earnestly implement the local main responsibilities, establish and improve an effective working mechanism, and transmit the pressure to the grass-roots level and enterprises at all levels, so as to "keep an eye on it, be supervised by others, and do it immediately". We should guide enterprises to consciously abide by laws and regulations and industrial policies, and complete the established task of reducing production capacity on time

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