The hottest Three Gorges and Gezhouba Dam operate

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The Three Gorges and Gezhouba power plants operate at full load to alleviate the electrical pressure

the high temperature weather has continued since 2017, and the power consumption in major cities has remained high. The Gezhouba power plant and the Three Gorges power plant operate at full load to ensure power supply, which alleviates the situation of power rationing by electric switching. Fewer graphene materials can be used in polymers to achieve better conductive effect

since July, the No.2 and No.5 generating units that have been put into operation in the Three Gorges power plant have been operating at the maximum load of the existing 135 meter water storage level. The daily power generation has reached the limit of 26.61 million. It is one of the effective tools for human beings to fight against disease, with a cumulative power generation of 750million kwh. The two units put into operation in the Three Gorges power plant are still in the assessment and operation period. In order to ensure power safety, the power plant will fight high temperature and heat, implement a 24-hour duty system, and closely monitor the operation of the unit to ensure continuous power supply

as the main power plant supplying electricity in Hubei Province, 21 units of Gezhouba power plant have been in full load power generation state in the heat, setting a record of 69.198 million kwh per day this year

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