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Sany crane from serving Wanli travel to serving the world with value

Sany crane from serving Wanli travel to serving the world with value

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in June 2011, Sany automobile Hoisting Machinery Co., Ltd. responded to the group company's service concept of "quality changes the world, service creates value", It is the first time to put forward the large-scale equipment service spot inspection activity of "the enterprise that has served thousands of miles has accumulated and settled for more than 10 years". The event will last for more than 60 days, travel 3million kilometers, and more than 1000 service engineers and more than 500 service vehicles will rush to the sixth World War Zone to meet the needs of customers. This activity has established the king status of Sany service and narrowed the distance between customers and sany

after three years, after the improvement and upgrading of serving Wanli travel twice during this period, the 2014 "value service global travel" service ceremony was launched. Compared with the activities of the previous three years, the scope of this service has been unprecedented expanded to the world. The audience of this event has extended from the previous home to overseas. I believe this will also be a milestone in the service history of Sany Heavy Lift

the recognition of customers is the driving force for our progress.

Suining Xinjiu hoisting company has been preparing for only two years, and today's equipment coating (or composite) diaphragm is the focus of today's diaphragm utilization and development, and the retention has reached tens of millions. From the previous purchase of XCMG equipment to the tentative purchase of Sany equipment, and now the high loyalty to Sany brand, I believe that in addition to the continuous improvement of Sany equipment in quality and workmanship, Sany provides meticulous and comprehensive after-sales service. As a service, we insist on taking customers as the foundation, arriving at the scene as soon as possible, and solving problems in the shortest time, so as to minimize the losses of customers. As customers, they accepted us, affirmed us, and regarded us as relatives

a good platform is the cornerstone of our growth

Sichuan pengxuan Construction Machinery Co., Ltd. is a young company with a young team. We are full of passion and fighting spirit. We have tied our youth to Sany service, a chariot with strong automatic shutdown. The service events organized by the company again and again provide a broad stage for us. "Try your best to realize Trinity, rely on Trinity, and realize yourself", this sentence was written down when we first joined the company. We will put our own blood into practice, and we need to mark the data of the experimental results

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