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"Three good" cultivation makes sunshine escape collection

"three good" cultivation can simultaneously obtain the measurement data of friction force, load, torque, friction coefficient, horizontal displacement, vertical displacement, high-frequency acoustic signal, etc. on sunshine escape collection

April 13, 2009

[China paint information] last year, at the press conference held by furniture guide, "General manager Ma of sunshine Yicai told me that he hasn't made money yet, which surprised me. I still have 30% profit in the paint industry in my mind, but general manager Ma said that he wanted suppliers and buyers to make money first, and the little profit I made would be invested in scientific research first." This is one of the speeches edited by Huang Keming, a representative of the media in the furniture industry. At that time, there were representatives of many famous furniture paint suppliers in China, such as China Resources, garberry, and sankeshu. They were all shocked. With this confusion, they specially interviewed the leader of sunshine Yatai recently

"we should not only create economic benefits, but also create social benefits. We should not only obtain economic value, but also attach importance to the realization of social value. Sunshine escape will strive to become a popular corporate citizen.", Mr. Ma unconsciously became passionate during the conversation, which was a memorable speech

when asked what measures Ma always takes to meet the standards of corporate citizens, he said that he cultivates with "Three Virtues", that is, with conscience (the noble morality of honesty and deception), conscience (the selfless social rebate plan of the enterprise), supplemented by conscience (implementing the industrial environmental protection standards) to make the enterprise sincerely pay for the region and the environment, Specifically, the following three aspects will describe how sunshine Yat CAIS undertakes the society and becomes a corporate citizen

people first in business management

as a latecomer in the coating industry, sunshine Yat Sen can grow rapidly in a short period of eight years and become a famous brand in the coating industry in Guangfo. It is inseparable from the eight character business philosophy that President Ma has always advocated - "people-oriented, integrity, innovation and sharing", in which people-oriented is also the first

YANGGUANGYICAI emphasizes the training and cultivation of talents, puts people first, and gives full play to the wisdom and talent of employees. President Ma emphasized that a person's ability is secondary, and creating value for the enterprise is secondary. What is really important is to build a corporate culture that can return to the society, cultivate employees' firm beliefs and positive outlook on life, and make employees become "paint people" and "own people" with common ideals and pursuits, and become real talents useful to the enterprise. This is the core of sunshine escape corporate culture. Sunshine Yicai company deeply understands that talents are the fundamental driving force of enterprise development and the soul of enterprise culture

the company's employment policy is very transparent and fair. YANGGUANGYICAI's employees did not "mix" in by nepotism. The employment purpose of YANGGUANGYICAI is to "gather the talents of the world and gather the wealth and wisdom of all parties". As long as you have experience and expertise in the furniture coating industry and are willing to make a contribution to the coating industry, sunshine Yicai warmly welcomes you

product R & D takes innovation and environmental protection as the standard

over the past eight years, sunshine escape has tried its best to think for the interests of consumers, focused on improving R & D and scientific and technological forces, and took innovation and environmental protection as the standard. Vigorously introduce domestic advanced scientific research equipment to ensure that the R & D team has sufficient hardware facilities to provide consumers with better products

in the whole process control of product manufacturing, YANGGUANGYICAI selects the world's high-quality and environmental friendly raw materials, adheres to manufacturing first-class products with high quality, high performance and high cost performance with rigorous and exquisite modern processes, and has launched "extraordinary wear-resistant" matte paint, "absolute advantage, absolute cost-effective" PE primer, "constant response to changes" white paint, That is, the products that consumers trust, such as "sunshine Sambo" that ring in the market

YANGGUANGYICAI regularly invites and hires industry experts at home and abroad for technical exchanges and maintains close contacts. It vigorously recruits people of insight from many famous institutions of higher learning. The company has 1 doctoral student, 2 graduate students, 15 undergraduate and specialist technicians, accounting for 40% of the total number of employees. It has carried out process improvement and technological innovation on traditional products in the market

sunshine Yicai always regards green coating as the mission of its company, transforming furniture coating production into perfect after-sales technical services, reducing energy consumption and improving productivity, so as to enhance the coating value of products and produce greater social value. Continuous improvement, weeding out the old and bringing forth the new, and creating products with environmental protection and higher quality have made sunshine escape become an innovative benchmark enterprise in the industry

the society turns sincerity into practical action

the Wenchuan earthquake in Sichuan in May 2008, this sudden disaster, let the Chinese people twist one heart. In the face of disasters, people all over the country are acting, Chinese all over the world are acting, and sunshine escape is no exception. By setting an example, Solvay Shanghai membrane technology laboratory, which interprets corporate social citizens with practical actions, has also brought cutting-edge testing and evaluation technologies such as scanning electron microscopy and gel permeation chromatography to membrane developers in Greater China

sunshine escape cooperates with more than 100 customers and more than 70 supplier partners that are not easy to deform. They jointly use practical actions to contribute their strength to the disaster relief activities, use actions to influence their relatives, friends and partners, and use actions to appeal to caring people from all walks of life to join the disaster relief activities. All major media have rushed to report

corporate citizenship practice at home and abroad

the word corporate citizenship comes from western developed countries, and its formation has experienced 200 years of history. In western countries, the enterprise society has gradually risen from a conceptual promotion to the formulation and certification of corporate citizenship standards. Now the whole society has gradually formed the recognition of the enterprise society

Microsoft emphasizes that he is a global corporate citizen. He has enhanced security and Internet security, actively promoted the development of knowledge economy, allowed people to enjoy the benefits of technology, and created various economic, educational and social development opportunities worldwide

the practice of corporate citizenship abroad shows that in the context of economic globalization, corporate citizenship, as a concept and strategy, has become an important force to promote the comprehensive and sustainable development of society. At home, I am glad to see that Chinese local enterprises have gradually developed a sense of corporate citizenship. Although this is still preliminary, it has also created better social benefits

industrial and Commercial Bank of China has closely cooperated with relevant regulatory authorities and established an all-round and stand inspection system in enterprise credit, which has promoted the benign improvement of the domestic business environment with its unique influence

Guangzhou Honda continues to invest and make contributions in the three fields of automobile safety, environmental protection, energy conservation and social public welfare

sunshine escape mining can withstand the impact of the financial crisis, maintain such a large production and marketing, and continue to build a good brand image of sunshine escape mining, so that enterprises can become popular corporate citizens. Their "three good" practice can not be ignored. "The reason why our enterprise has today's achievements depends on the brand. The brand effect needs to be accumulated. High-quality brands need long-term continuous innovation and pouring into the corporate culture, which is accumulated step by step over time. Therefore, we must be firm, smooth and maintain three good practices, so that more people can know and understand the sunshine." The leader told that sunshine Yicai will continue to adhere to the action program of "loyalty and integrity, dedication and passion, gratitude and tolerance, and the unity of knowledge and practice", concentrate on building the best exhibition platform for Chinese coating people, shoulder the green and innovative coating banner, and shoulder the green mission of comprehensively improving the coating value; Strive to become a benchmark enterprise of Chinese coating culture and make due contributions to the construction of a harmonious society

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