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According to Kyodo news, Japan kokakawa Holding Group announced on the 13th that it had reached an agreement with Google on the American Internet search engine giant Google's electronic book projects to facilitate the operation of University Libraries and other books. The group's publications will not be used as the search object of e-books

this experiment is programmed in C language.

Kawasaki group said: it is the first time in Japan that all publications of large publishing houses are not electronic objects. It is hoped that this practice can be popularized in the whole publishing industry

this project is called the Google Library Project. It aims to electronize the collections of University Libraries and public libraries in various countries that have cooperative relations with Google, so that users can read abstracts of relevant articles by searching keywords. However, this practice was opposed by the Japanese writers' Association and others because it made the books electronic without the consent of the author. Valley roughness affects accuracy; The latter used the servo system song to start selling e-books in Japan in late September. The above copyright problems hindered this plan

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