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DCS market will fall back to a flat normal level

dcs has a strong development momentum in 2011, and the market revenue has exceeded the peak in 2008. However, arc predicts that the market will fall back to a flat normal level, with a CAGR of 3% to 4% in the next five years ()

after experiencing the severe impact of the global financial crisis and economic recession in 2009 and 2010, the distributed control system (DCS) market began to recover last year. According to the latest distributed control system Global Market Research Report released by arc, the sales orders of new projects in traditional heavy process industry in 2010 were converted into revenue in 2011, which promoted the development of DCS market to a new peak. The vertical industries of power generation and oil and gas are developing particularly rapidly. These vertical industries account for the largest proportion of DCS market, thus promoting the overall development of DCS market. Although the scale of the metal and mining industries is small, the development speed is also much higher than the average level

the resurgence of power generation projects (especially the nuclear power and gas combined cycle power generation industry) has increased the market demand for DCS. Developed regions still have no problems and will continue to focus on improving energy efficiency, reducing emissions and increasing the rate of temperature rise and fall. China and other emerging countries are in the process of transformation from coal-fired power generation to nuclear power, wind power and solar power generation. The resurgence of power generation projects, including many large-scale new projects, has promoted the market demand for DCS, collaborative manufacturing management (CPM), advanced process control (APC), optimization and training simulation systems

in 2011, DCS had a strong development momentum, and the market revenue exceeded the peak in 2008. However, arc predicted that the market would fall back to a gentle normal level, with a compound annual growth rate of 3% to 4% in the next five years (). Although the order rate of most DCS suppliers was very high from the end of the application introduction of belt pulling machine in 2011 to the first quarter of 2012, it is expected that the sales orders in 2012 will decrease. However, due to the high project concentration in DCS market, it usually takes nearly nine months from order to revenue. Arc expects that the growth rate of DCS revenue in 2012 can reach the average level

the service market is still in the core position

in the past few years, DCS is mainly a service business, in which project, after-sales or operation services account for more than half of the total revenue. In addition, the concept of main automation contractor (MAC) has grown and formed a certain scale. Arc found that end users generally hope that MAC projects have enough local products and services to ensure strong support once the project is started and put into operation. In addition, the service field of MAC is constantly expanding, and the electrical service content of the project is often included, which further reduces the project engineering cost and reduces the overall risk of end users

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