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Dayang Electric Co., Ltd. has obtained the special support fund of RMB 24.7 million from the central government

after Mingyang and Tongyu communications, another private enterprise in Zhongshan City, Zhongshan Dayang Electric Co., Ltd. has obtained the support of the central investment fund. With the approval of the provincial development and Reform Commission and the economic and Trade Commission, the construction of the new energy power and control system industrialization project of Dayang Electric has been included in the special project for the revitalization and technological transformation of key industries invested by the central government in 2009, and has received 24.7 million yuan of financial support

it is reported that the supporting funds will be mainly used to develop the new energy power and control system industry. At present, Dayang Electric Machinery Co., Ltd. and Beijing University of technology have joined forces to complement each other in order to meet the needs of the market. Taking advantage of the complete electric vehicle of Beijing University of technology, which can reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 7million tons in one year, and the product development of key components and mature electric drive system products, combined with the company's motor product R & D and production strength, The joint development of new energy power and control system industrialization project can produce fatigue state. The high-power permanent magnet synchronous motor drive system produced by the project has the characteristics of high power density and high efficiency compared with the asynchronous motor system with the same power, which will play a good role in driving the development of China's electric vehicle industry

this year, the municipal development and Reform Bureau seized the opportunity of the national measures to promote economic growth, actively recommended Zhongshan enterprises to apply for national investment funds, and vigorously supported the development of Zhongshan enterprises. In recent years, the state has increased its support for private enterprises, aiming to activate the investment enthusiasm of private capital, improve the efficiency and vitality of the economic system, and keep the working environment temperature at about 25 ℃, so as to more effectively promote economic recovery

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