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DC high voltage generator integrated circuit knowledge

use so pin number + tail pin to represent small outline patch package

tail pin has three types: n, m and W, which are used to represent the device body width

n is the body narrow package, the body width is 150mil, the pin spacing is 1.27mm

m is the package between N and W, the body width is 208mil, the pin spacing is 1.27mm

w is the body wide package, and the body width is 300 mil (the software manual has the operation instructions on how to create a record), Pin spacing 1.27mm

for example, so-16n represents a 16 pin small outline patch package with a body width of 150mil and a pin spacing of 1.27mm

if so is followed by m, it represents a micro package with a body width of 118mil and a pin spacing of 0.65mm

3 DC high voltage generator resistance

3.1 SMD patch resistance naming method is: package +r

for example, 1812r represents resistance package with package size of 1812

3.2 carbon film resistance naming method is: R-package

for example, r-axial0.6 represents resistance package with pad spacing of 0.6 inches

3.3 cement resistance naming method is: r-model

for example, r-sqp5w represents cement resistance package with power of 5W


4 Capacitor

4.1 the naming method of nonpolar capacitor and tantalum capacitor is: package +c

for example, 6032c represents the capacitor package packaged as 6032

4.2 the naming method of SMT monolithic capacitor is: rad+ pin spacing

for example, rad0.2 represents the SMT monolithic capacitor package with pin spacing of 200mil

4.3 the naming method of electrolytic capacitor is: rb+ pin spacing/outer diameter

for example, rb 2/. 4 indicates that the electrolytic capacitor package with a pin spacing of 200mil and an outer diameter of 400mil

5. The naming method of diode rectifier devices

is based on the actual packaging of the components, in which bat54 and 1N4148 packages are 1n4148

6. The naming method of transistors

is based on the actual packaging of the components. For the DC high voltage generator, generator q is added to the sot-23q package to distinguish the SOT-23 package of the integrated circuit, In order to call components without error, several other FET's use the component name as the package name

7, crystal oscillator

hc-49s, HC-49U as the surface mount package, at26 and at38 as the cylindrical package, and the specifications and dimensions of the digital meter

for example, at26 represents the cylindrical package with an outer diameter of 2mm and a length of 8mm

in September 1998, the American IPC released ipc-cf-148a vortex street flowmeter

China's copper clad laminate industry, which has developed a relatively complete variety, To improve the quality level of copper clad 7.4 plates with 3 significant digits of strength, stress and elastic modulus, it is necessary to have corresponding testing technical conditions to ensure. Although the quality characteristics of CCL are formed through scientific research, production and manufacturing process, rather than determined by testing, they can be clearly displayed only after scientific testing. Rapid, accurate and timely detection is the eye of scientific research and production, which not only shows the quality characteristics of products, but also explores the relationship between materials and product performance, the relationship between product performance and external conditions, and determines the long-term reliability of materials or products by detecting and controlling the process. In addition, in order to assess the product quality level, carry out industry quality evaluation, implement quality supervision and random inspection, implement the product license system, and carry out quality certification and current generator safety certification, the large current generator needs to have the necessary detection conditions

powerful large companies in China's copper clad laminate industry have established complete detection systems to ensure the smooth progress of research, development, production and operation. However, from the perspective of the whole industry, for example, the experimental force that the fixture can bear is a very important indicator of the fixture. The three major content requirements of copper clad laminate testing technology are far behind the international advanced level, and sometimes even become one of the constraints on the research and development of copper clad laminates. The whole industry needs to make continuous efforts to improve

) ipc-4562: metal foil for generator printed circuit. The DC high voltage generator includes terms and requirements for DC high voltage metal foil used in the manufacture of base plates and printed circuit boards. Ipc-cf-148a: resin coated metal foil for printed circuit boards. It covers the requirements for the metal foil coated with resin or resin composite material on one side and used in the manufacture of printed circuit boards, including the description of the engineering outline and performance data of the resin coated metal foil, and indicates the material type and resin type of the metal anchor

7)IP ι Cf-152b: specification for composite metal materials for printed circuit boards. Including requirements for copper/invar (nickel iron) alloy/copper (CIC), copper/molybdenum/copper alloy (CMC) and three-layer composite materials used in electronic applications

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