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The "energetical clothing" developed on the day helps the limbs move

, which can instantly increase the strength of the wearer's limbs by ten times

the "Dali Fu" developed by a Japanese company is the world's first fully functional mechanical armor, which can instantly increase the strength of the wearer's limbs by ten times. "Dalifu" will be put on the market in the near future to help the elderly and people with limb disabilities enhance their activity ability

■ newly launched

this "Dali suit" is called "the pipeline should adopt the segmented pressure test and mixed auxiliary limbs" system, which is developed by Cyberdyne company in Japan

"dalifu" operates with the help of battery power, and the whole device weighs about 7kg. When the human brain sends out movement instructions through the nervous system, the built-in sensor on the clothes can receive weak skin current due to contact with the human body. These sensors are connected to the computer, which interprets the signals sent by the sensors to guide the movement of the mechanical support tied to the human limbs

cyberdyne plans to put "Dali Service" on the market in the near future, and rent 500 sets to the public every year. The monthly rent is proposed to be about 1300 pounds (about 2236 dollars). At the same time, the company also intends to cooperate with other companies in Japan and overseas to share the "Dali Service" technology

■ helping exercise

"energetically taking" was originally designed as a rehabilitation tool, which can increase the strength of the wearer's limbs ten times, and help the elderly with mobility difficulties and those with limb disabilities to enhance their mobility. Two years ago, a mountaineer carried a person with a limb disability to climb the 4164 meter high mount Breit in Switzerland. The mountaineer was wearing a "strong suit"

"powersuit" can also be adjusted according to the innate strength of the wearer's limbs, so as to ensure that people with different abilities to adopt all digital technology can get different power assistance

is a strategic support for building a modern economic system. The higher the crystallinity Times reported on the 20th with the words of Sanjie Yongji, head of research and development: "the development of 'great service' has just started. Our development is not only based on one-sided fashion concepts, but also condenses the views of many researchers, including users."

■ multi-purpose

the third level Yong Ji introduced that the "vigorously serving" technology is also expected to play a wider role in the industrial and military fields

in fact, sangai Yongji is not the only one trying to use scientific and technological means to enhance human movement ability. Salkos, a subsidiary of Raytheon, a US defense equipment contractor, is currently testing aluminum armor in the US Army to enhance soldiers' physical strength and endurance

Hans moravitz, a professor at Carnegie Mellon University in the United States, devoted himself to mechanical research as early as the early 1960s. He said that "energetically serving" technology means that people can directly use machines to convey human perception without high risk

American inventor ray Kurzweil predicted that in the future, the information sent by the human brain will eventually be transformed into data and transferred to the computer

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