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Speaking of home building materials, there may be too many projects to choose from! For franchisees, more and more people are familiar with the investment alliance in the wood door industry. It is still strange to mention the whole wood customization alliance, especially for the whole wood customization. Here we have to talk about the whole wood customization first. According to the house type and personal preferences, the whole wood customization customizes its own home decoration with wood products. For the hot market, many manufacturers launch whole house customization, but compared with whole house customization, whole wood customization is the best embodiment of solid wood paint, because it reflects the natural health and quality of life in the home more incisively and vividly! Therefore, more franchisees and investors will focus on the whole wood customization area. However, how to choose a trustworthy brand of whole wood customization has become a new worry for people. As one of the top ten brands of whole wood customization, tree life gives you some suggestions:

1. Watch directly: carefully check the material and workmanship of the whole wood customized products, whether there is the most basic cracking or paint falling, and the other is to see the surface treatment and tidiness of the whole wood home. The whole wood is customized with natural wood, so the color is natural and the paint plumpness is good

2. Tactility. Touch the surface of the customized products of the whole wood with your hand to see if there is any barbed or uneven place due to the substandard process. This method is the simplest way to evaluate the quality of the process. Generally, powerful enterprises are mechanized production, and the overall flatness is better. And if it is a baking paint product, then gloss is also a standard to distinguish good from bad. For example, the brand wooden door tree life has unique technology, and the production is checked layer by layer. The overall flatness and gloss of the product are top products

5. Rational analysis and judgment. In addition to the above two basic judgments about the quality of products, the manufacturers and brands are more important. If you are not so familiar with this industry, the simplest way is to shop around. More than a match can be seen, high and low judgment. You can contact several enterprises to learn about their product materials, construction, factories, etc. The more you know, the better it will be for you to choose to join the whole wood customization

in addition to product quality and manufacturer strength, another whole wood customization franchise is more concerned with style positioning. As it tends to be younger and personalized, the style must be diversified to meet the market demand. Here tree life introduces you several common styles:

European style: the most common style of decoration is European style, so the corresponding European style should also try to choose the home environment with arc and vortex lines, or European style. Please try to choose a simple combination of horizontal and vertical, or decoration without patterns, and the effect should be better

simple style: now fashion is simple. The choice of simplicity should match the overall indoor style. It is best to give priority to modern style indoors. The use of light colors will increase the brightness of the interior and make it feel better

idyllic style: due to environmental pollution, including haze, people prefer to stay away from the city and live an idyllic life. The idyllic style can make people have the artistic conception of returning to the countryside. The overall artistic conception is more natural and generous, and the color of environmental protection is preferred

in addition to the above characteristics, whole wood customization also has many characteristics that attract consumers and franchisees. As a professional whole wood home customization enterprise, tree life is mainly engaged in wood products such as wooden doors and woodwork, maintains everyone's living environment with a "green and healthy life" lifestyle, and creates personalized and beautiful home effects with exquisite craftsmanship and original series of products with originality. After years of mature operation in the market, it has become the leader of the whole wood customization industry in the north. If you are interested in joining in the whole wood customization, you might as well come to tree life to learn more, learn more, and have more opportunities




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