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The evolution of trends is often reflected in people's clothing, food, housing and transportation. Take the clothing evolution history of Laomei for example. In women's clothing more than 100 years ago, lace lining, feather hat and sunshade are basically standard configurations. The evolution of the trend is often reflected in people's clothing, food, housing and transportation. Take the clothing evolution history of Laomei for example. In women's clothing more than 100 years ago, lace inside, feather hat and sunshade were basically standard, and they had to be wrapped tightly in three layers outside and three layers inside. Whether it was the United States at that time or the Empire on the other side of the ocean where the sun never sets, such women's costumes were almost the same. Nowadays, women's clothing has become more and more capable and neutral. It is also becoming more and more diversified, because each era has its own trend. In the modern colorful fashion industry, personality and fashion are the king, just like the development of customized furniture, experiencing the development of the times, integrating the elements of different times, and showing different home styles


and personality not only means being different, just like fuzzy modern style home design, unlike Chinese style or European style, it has obvious regional and national characteristics, basically how you like it, so it also gave birth to a number of works similar to KTV boxes. The flood of spotlights, large glass, nonsense background wall... People can't help but think of the colorful dance performance bar

the real pursuit of personalized fashion is not only innovative and different, but also the spirit of independent thinking about current life, understanding and Reflection on life aesthetics and life state. Just like this 130 ㎡ three bedroom whole house customization case that has entered the fashion circle, redefine life



different from the cold Nordic style, the modern style attaches great importance to personality in the simple tone, so when you open the door, you will find that the corner porch design is simple, but full of a sense of technology and fashion. The smooth cabinet hides a large storage space, and the embedded card seat design is quite intimate, showing your thinking about daily life everywhere

living room

bright gold side tables, tea tables and lamps are extremely light and luxurious. Designers' use of metal and other composite materials is up to the point, and will not overflow. The colorful city series TV cabinet adopts the hanging design, and the warm color light belt is installed on the ground floor, which is very cool

living room balcony

even the balcony that handles household chores cannot easily make do with it. The balcony cabinet is matched with yellow and white bright colors, which is particularly eye-catching against the backdrop of old wall tiles


the space is not afraid of small, just afraid of not paying attention. The simple thin leg dining table and chair are matched with the card seat to make enough space for the aisle. The dining side cabinets are designed with walls, which not only meets the storage needs of the whole restaurant, but also surrounds the card seats, adding a lot of flavor to the restaurant

master bedroom

the design of the master bedroom is still light and luxurious, but the rich color matching brings out a trace of warmth. Low cabinets, decorative paintings, branch floor lamps and single sofa, seemingly messy objects are full of artistic flavor. In addition, the soft decoration with gem green as the theme color can always give people a noble, dignified and peaceful visual enjoyment

master bedroom cloakroom

the open cloakroom is equipped with a makeup area with a face window, which is connected to the master bathroom with a bathtub. It can be seen that the designer considers the life scene in detail

teenagers' room

how can we accept mediocrity in adolescence when hormones are bursting? Therefore, the design of the room should not follow the rules. The large letters on the background wall just express your creed of life. The integrated design of the top wardrobe, floor bookcase and Corner desk also just shows your unconventional imagination

function room

the design of function room is also special. The integrated design of tatami, wardrobe, bookcase and desk, coupled with a double sofa matching the soft decoration tone, can enrich the functions of the room, whether it is office study, or reception and leisure, can meet your needs one by one

trends in many fields are very similar, but personality trends don't just mean being different. Blindly marking innovation is like a brainless geek. If you want to pursue a personalized lifestyle, you must maintain the spirit of independent thinking. Through continuous thinking and understanding of life, so as to show your personality and improve your taste of life, so as to truly live a personality and live a wonderful life

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