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The wall is something everyone sees every day. If the wall decoration of the home is not good, it will affect the overall decoration effect of the home. If the decoration is not beautiful, it will affect the mood of residents. Therefore, the wall is a very important part of the house decoration. Walls are very important for the decoration of a house, not only in color matching. Workmanship is also very important. Today we are going to tell you the steps of decoration and wall painting. If you decorate by yourself, then this skill of painting the wall must be seen. If you invite someone to decorate, let's take a look at the tutorial of painting the wall in case of need. Now let's learn about the steps of decorating and painting the wall and how much it costs to decorate and paint the wall per square meter

detailed explanation of wall painting steps

step 1: Inspection and treatment of the current situation of the wall

1. If it is a cement wall, you should comprehensively check whether the wall to be painted is solid and flat. If it is not solid enough or there are cracks, you need to find an open dealer or complaint business

2. If you have brushed a white wall, you should still look at the firmness of the wall to see whether the white wall is water-resistant. If it is not water-resistant or water-resistant is not ideal, you should eradicate it. If there is an empty place, it should also be toad. The rest of the inspection is the same as the concrete wall

3. If it is a second-hand house and the walls have been decorated before, the walls need to be cleaned before decoration. If it's wallpaper, you should remove it first. If it's latex paint, you should polish it first. Then consider whether to shovel the wall

4. In some damp rooms, such as bathroom and kitchen, local tiling is used to replace wall brushing

step 2: finished product protection

generally, carpentry furniture and ceramic tile paving should have been completed before wall treatment, and there will be more decoration in second-hand houses. In order to prevent the wall of finished products from being polluted by surface, dust and paint, the finished products in the room should be carefully protected, otherwise once lost, it will be too late to repent

step 3: sealing layer treatment

after the previous two steps, we can now seal. There are two aspects of sealing flavor. One is the filling of cracks, slots and holes. This can be done with repairing gypsum. Another is the curing of the wall base, which is generally done with curing agent. However, some cases still need to be solved with stickers with stronger curing ability

step 4: thick leveling layer treatment

after sealing, if the flatness of the wall exceeds 5mm, in order to facilitate our leveling, it is recommended to try thick leveling materials for thick leveling first. Generally, the thick leveling material can be scraped once in batch. Try not to be too thick, subject to leveling

Step 5: fine leveling layer treatment

when the wall surface flatness is less than 5mm, it can be used for fine leveling material leveling. Fine leveling materials are generally scraped 2-3 times, which should be as uniform and smooth as possible. In order to achieve better performance in the interior line, precision leveling materials are generally scraped and polished with fine sandpaper to make the wall more flat and smooth. If you are not going to paint, there is no need to polish it

Step 6: Brush primer

after cleaning the floating dust left by the grinding of the wall, you can brush primer. The primer can be brushed once, and it must be uniform. After it dries completely (2-4 hours), the next step can be carried out

step 7: brush the top coat

generally speaking, the top coat should be brushed twice, with an interval of more than 2-4 hours between changes. The specific depends on whether the surface is dry. Wait until it is basically dry before brushing the second time. After the second time, it usually takes 1-2 days to completely dry. Before the paint is completely dry, you should pay attention to waterproof, drought prevention, sunscreen, paint film problems, etc

step 8: acceptance

the last step is the time to accept the results. After the completion, check whether the wall is solid, flat, the intersection of yin and Yang is vertical, without cracks, holes, uniform color, full paint film, and pay attention to the protection of finished products

precautions for wall painting in summer

1. Pay attention to the preservation of paint. The paint is inflammable. Due to the high temperature in summer, it is easy to cause fire due to improper storage. Therefore, the paint should be stored in a cool and ventilated place in summer, and the sealing of the storage container must be better. It is also necessary to keep away from open flames and wire sockets to avoid sparks from igniting the paint. It is generally recommended that the purchased paint be used within one month

2. Extend the drying time of wall putty. Before painting the wall, apply putty first, usually 1-3 times, during which the normal drying time is 1-2 days. In summer decoration, it is advisable to extend the time for the putty to dry out as much as possible, generally 2-3 days. Because the weather in summer is hot and wet, especially when the storm comes, the time for the putty to dry will be longer. In addition, when hanging putty, dry cloth should be used to wipe the water vapor on the wall to keep the wall as dry as possible, which is conducive to the painting of the wall

3. Treatment method of wall surface difficult to dry. In summer, it is very easy to appear “ The wall is completely dry ” The illusion of. During construction, the construction personnel must ensure that the wall base is completely dry before painting the wall paint. If possible, the water content of the wall should be measured with the help of professional instruments, and the construction can be carried out after reaching the standard. In addition, if the wall is difficult to dry due to high humidity and high temperature, a dehumidifier can be used as an auxiliary to accelerate the drying speed of the wall

4. Paint the wall to avoid rainy days. When painting the wall in summer, it should be avoided in high humidity or rainy weather. Because during construction, the wall foundation is relatively wet, and the paint is painted before it is completely dry. Water seeps into the paint surface, causing the paint film to lose adhesion, causing the wall to bulge into a drum

5. Avoid exposure to the sun on the finished wall. In summer, the temperature is high and the sun is fierce. If the painted wall is often exposed to the sun, it is easy to make the wall color fall off, and the white wall will turn yellow. In addition, exposure to the sun will also cause the wall to heat up. When the wall temperature drops after painting, the paint surface will crack. Therefore, we must try our best to avoid exposing the painted wall to the sun

how much is it to decorate and paint the wall per square meter

as for the cost of repairing and painting the wall, there are two algorithms, one is about 30 yuan per square meter according to the area, and the other is about 200 yuan per worker per day according to the number of days. However, there is a certain consumption gap in each place, which is for reference only

editor's summary: the above is the steps of decorating and painting the wall, and the relevant introduction of how much it costs to decorate and paint the wall per square meter. I hope it can help friends with this need! For more information, please continue to follow our website. More exciting content will be presented in the follow-up




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