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There is plenty of light and ample space here. Every sunny day, the light pours in and touches everything in this home, including those cotton and linen fabrics full of oriental charm, warm log materials, ancient antiques, delicate lines, mild colors... And the owner here. Chinese loft plan

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Part1 the original loft

the original structure of the plant determines that the home is almost a large bay. She has not made structural improvements to the space, but has added sliding doors outside the bedroom and bathroom, maximizing the creation of transparent vision, free breathing, and the transformation of light and shadow

the spacious dining table is the prominent place in this large bay, and it is also the favorite place for the whole family. Drinking tea and chatting are all carried out here

a large number of wood colors neutralize the industrial sense of space, and the practical dining table makes a comfortable and convenient life

the simplest bedroom is also the most interesting place. Casually lift up the linen curtain and start a new day

part2 about charm

simplicity and nature are the biggest theme here. The original structure of the plant and many objects have been well preserved. The exposed steel bars and pipes on the ceiling and walls are simply painted with white paint, and the square bricks on the wall are also treated in the same way. They seem casual and casual, but they are matched with the simple and mild indoor furnishings - sliding doors made of sandalwood boxes of Italian olive wood, bedside cabinets made of old tree stumps, a treadmill made of a large piece of natural stone, and handicrafts made of air dried plants, It's like cotton and linen cloth immersed in the breeze and sunshine... The unadorned colors, coupled with natural materials, coupled with meaningful breath and freehand display, and a little elegant literati feelings, all of which make the house exude a rare and real oriental charm

a few simple furniture in a simple spatial structure can make life less crowded when combined

exquisite objects and attentive furnishings can be seen everywhere in this home. It is these elements that make the ancient furniture look light

the meaningful temperament of the East comes from the layers of elegant cotton and hemp, natural wood, uncut raw stones and the way of leaving white space between each other

the wooden and classic bathtub makes the charm here elegant and nostalgic

part3 antique highlights

the protagonist of this industrial house is the original Oriental style. They use their own softness to dissolve the masculinity of the house, and the two blur the boundary in the mutual penetration. Or, in fact, the contrast of contrast makes the strong stronger and the indifferent more indifferent. Maybe, in fact, what kind of form is not so important. The most important thing is that a beautiful home is the home of the soul

the beauty of details depends not only on the object itself, but also on the feeling, love and emotion for life from the bottom of my heart

the best ornaments in the home come from daily life, and every bit is the messenger of beauty

the integration of ancient and modern industrial characteristics is a very popular collocation now

interesting and affectionate decorations can be seen everywhere in this home





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