The strategic development of aluminum alloy doors

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Spending is a growing scene. Although aluminum alloy door and window shopping malls can sometimes "meet the needs of production", they are not the dominant form after all. Shopping malls should be used to the change of spending concept and the needs of consumers, and adjust in time. Whoever grasps the spending concept and the needs of ordinary people will grasp the opportunity for shopping malls to win. What exactly do consumers need now? Let's analyze the current mainstream spending concept

first, the need for fashion

"health, fashion, environmental protection and sustainability" is the core concept of "fashionable aristocrats", whose lifestyle has affected various spending areas such as home furnishing, catering and clothing. If all industries related to the environmental protection concept of "fashionable aristocracy" are counted together, the world will present a trillion dollar super shopping mall overnight, which shows the endless stimulating effect of "fashionable aristocracy" on shopping malls. In recent years, the popularity of environmentally friendly aluminum doors and windows also illustrates this point

second, usefulness requires

aluminum doors and windows as household goods. The main function of aluminum doors and windows is security. Even if the security effect is useful, usefulness is the first choice at home. In recent years, aluminum doors and windows profession has adopted special materials as aluminum doors and windows materials, but such new materials are not useful in security, so traditional materials have returned to the mainstream in recent years. The traditional information of aluminum doors and windows is just the expression of everyone's search for usefulness

third, technological needs

now the vocational threshold is low, and the skills are highly replicable, resulting in severe homogenization of intelligent aluminum doors and windows in shopping malls. However, with the improvement of everyone's spending level and identification ability, powerful company products will speed up the pace of upgrading in the implementation and application. Aluminum door and window factories and Shanzhai companies that used to rely on simple imitation will be phased out. As long as those companies with first-class skills, excellent quality and focus on promotion and service are the ultimate winners

whether traditional aluminum doors and windows or high-tech smart doors, in all aluminum doors and windows shopping malls, consumers choose aluminum doors and windows mostly based on the above three points. As for aluminum door and window companies, where the shopping malls are, the needs are also there. Whether to guide spending or to get used to shopping malls depends on the company's own strategy





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