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SIAF Guangzhou industrial automation exhibition is very hot. The robot and machine vision special hall took the lead in filling the whole venue. The South China intelligent industry grand event - Guangzhou international industrial automation and Equipment Exhibition (SIAF) will be held again in the exhibition hall of Guangzhou China Import and Export Commodities Fair from March 4 to 6, 2018. The exhibition has received enthusiastic support from the industry since its recruitment, and the booth sales are booming; During the first stage of the exhibition, more than 350 Chinese and foreign enterprises have confirmed their intention to participate. Among them, one of the highlight areas of the exhibition, the robot and machine vision Museum, which focuses on the application and development of industrial robots, has sold out all the booths first, which reaffirms the status of SIAF as an important market platform

the robot and machine vision museum was unveiled for the first time at the last exhibition, dedicated to presenting the industry's development achievements in cutting-edge technology fields such as industrial robot machines, robot components, development platforms and software, robot vision and integrated solutions. Looking forward to 2018, this exhibition area will be expanded to cover the whole hall of hall 2.1. Due to the keen demand of the industry, the booths of the robot and machine vision special hall have been basically sold out by the beginning of this month. Of the units confirmed to register, up to six have become exhibitors coming back to the exhibition, including a number of leading enterprises in the industry

some exhibitors include: Nanjing Aston, Anchuan Shougang, Longshen, zhongweixing, yinuojiye, Dayan, kangnaishi, Luo Geng, Qinchuan, hamenake, Heruo, Daheng, partner, qilike, ATI, Jiaming and willobo, and have participated in the exhibition for more than two consecutive years

many well-known enterprises participated in the exhibition for the first time, presenting the latest technological achievements

in addition to the trust and return of loyal exhibitors, the 2018 SIAF exhibition also attracted a number of overseas industrial automation industry manufacturers to participate in the exhibition, as an important step in expanding the Chinese market. Well known enterprises, including youao robot, nabotsk, scientific control automation, horse head tools, insight technology and Han's motor, will come to exhibit their brand-new products and scientific research achievements, making the scale of the exhibition higher. Some key exhibitors are introduced as follows:

youao robot Trading (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.

a robot brand from Denmark, took the lead in proposing the concept of human-computer cooperation, and is also the company that ranks first in the sales of human-computer cooperation robots in the world so far. Flexible deployment and simple operation are the biggest characteristics of youao's products; Youao is committed to improving user productivity and automation, simplifying repetitive processes, and establishing a safe working environment. The company advocates that from the perspective of users, robots interact directly with people, so as to change the way of work and life

Shanghai nabotesk transmission equipment Co., Ltd.

the parent company is a Japanese funded enterprise, which focuses on the production of precision cycloid pin gear reducer for robots. Its core product is precision reducer RV series, which has the advantages of high torque, high rigidity and high overload impact load resistance, as well as high precision and ultra-low return clearance. The company is in an advantageous position in the industry, and its products have been adopted by many robot manufacturers with good reputation

Founded in 1968 and headquartered in Austria, scientific control industrial automation equipment (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. is a production pioneer in industrial automation, banking and service automation and energy automation. The company has branches all over the world, with 940 employees worldwide. At present, the business of the enterprise in China is divided into two areas, namely, keplast solution for injection molding machine automation and kemotion solution for industrial robots, such as using its high temperature resistance, flame retardancy and low smoke emission characteristics. Both are leaders in technology and market share

at the same time, the conference will once again work with Guangdong automation society to organize a robot exhibition group in Guangdong Province. The exhibition group will appear in a unified and centralized manner, actively promote local robot enterprises in Guangdong Province, and assist the development of robot enterprises in Guangdong Province

the intelligent industry in South China is developing rapidly, and the robot application market is leading the country.

China's robot market continues to grow, in which the double-layer structure creates infinite possibilities for design. Guangdong Province is not only the largest domestic demand market, but also the region with the most concentrated industrial robot brands in China, accumulating strong development momentum. According to the statistics of the Guangdong provincial government, the shape of particles and the nature of wear are not reflected. One of every five industrial robots in China comes from Guangdong; In 2016, the output of robots in the province increased by 45.2%, with an actual total of more than 60000, making South China the largest industrial robot town in China. Looking ahead, driven by the policies of made in China 2025, intelligent manufacturing and the transformation and upgrading of advanced equipment manufacturing industry, it is expected that Guangdong will still be the locomotive of robot development

specifically, the Guangdong provincial government's development goal is to add about 20000 robots throughout the year, among which industrial automation will be given priority in the electronic information, food, medical, building materials and metal industries, and strive to achieve an output value of 60billion yuan (about 9billion US dollars) in the robot manufacturing industry. Combined with a number of favorable advantages and the strong encouragement of the state to develop independent brands of industrial robots, it is expected that the prospects of intelligent industry in South China will continue to flourish

siaf will lead to equipment rust. Guangzhou international industrial automation and equipment exhibition is jointly organized by Guangzhou Guangya Frankfurt Exhibition Co., Ltd., China Foreign Trade Guangzhou Exhibition Corporation, Guangzhou Fuyang Exhibition Co., Ltd. and Germany Messe Frankfurt Exhibition Co., Ltd. Guangzhou Guangya Frankfurt Exhibition Co., Ltd. and China Foreign Trade Guangzhou Exhibition Corporation are the organizers of the exhibition, and the honorary sponsors are Guangdong automation society, Guangzhou automation society and Guangzhou instrumentation society

in addition, the SIAF exhibition will be held at the same time as asiamold, the Guangzhou International Mold Exhibition. The exhibition focuses on additive manufacturing, mold production and 3D printing technology. Exhibitors and visitors have a hot demand for industrial automation solutions. SIAF exhibitors can benefit from the synergy of the same exhibition, contact more buyers and explore broader business opportunities

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