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Shunde coating enterprises' group transfer encountered "indicator dilemma"

Shunde coating enterprises' group transfer encountered "indicator dilemma"

May 13, 2011

[China coating information] enterprises that lead the Chinese industry and have extensive management will be very sad. Shunde coating industry, which will further aggravate the industry reshuffle, now has to face a choice: increasingly strict regulations on the exclusive management of chemicals and environmental reconstruction requirements, They are telling them that there is no living space here, but due to the limited land scale in Wujiang District of Shaoguan City, the scheduled "migration" operation may be aborted

after calmly analyzing, it is found that Foshan, which is in the stage of industrial upgrading, is still a city dominated by manufacturing, and paint is still a "necessity" for furniture and other products. However, what this city needs now and in the future is the "fine chemical" industry. At present, Foshan has established its first chemical products zone in Sanshui. Perhaps when the production of chemical products bid farewell to such unstable factors as high pollution and high risk, it can still settle down locally

after more than a year of waiting, Shunde coating chamber of Commerce recently received a notice from Wujiang District, Shaoguan City. The 1700 mu land index in this area has been preliminarily set. Soon, we will see that it can be provided to enterprises. However, this figure is still far from the 8000 mu land originally signed, and a new round of hazardous chemicals production license approval will come. Many coating enterprises are anxious about whether it can be transferred smoothly as scheduled

as early as July 2009, Shunde coating chamber of Commerce signed a preliminary framework agreement with Wujiang District of Shaoguan City to build an 8000 mu Fine Chemical Industrial Park in Wujiang District of Shaoguan City in a collective way. In the following two weeks, the chamber of Commerce received applications from more than 30 coating enterprises in the district

it is learned that convenient transportation and cheap land price are the two major factors for Shunde coating enterprises to invest in Shao. With the opening of Wuhan Guangzhou high-speed railway, the traffic from Shunde to Shaoguan in the mountainous area of northern Guangdong has been greatly improved, and the driving time will be shortened from more than 3 hours to 45 minutes. At the same time, the price per mu of land in the industrial park was only 38000 yuan at first, and then gradually increased to 48000 yuan/mu. Even such a price is far lower than the land price in Shunde

Shunde paint was facing the "life and death examination" two years ago.

internally, Shunde paint enterprises faced the "life and death examination" in 2009 due to the renewal of hazardous chemical safety licenses

as early as 2006, in order to strengthen the management of work safety, the State Administration of work safety issued No. 10 directive "measures for the implementation of work safety licenses for hazardous chemical production enterprises". According to the requirements of the directive, all units and enterprises engaged in the production, operation and transportation of hazardous chemicals must obtain the work safety license for hazardous chemicals. Since the solvent coatings and solvent resins produced by coating enterprises are included in the catalogue of dangerous chemicals, they must obtain the "safety production license for dangerous chemicals" and the "transportation license for dangerous goods" before they can engage in production and transportation activities. Changes in policies have put the living environment of the coating industry to the test

as the newly implemented building code standard has greatly increased the requirements for the fire separation between buildings compared with the old standard, the space between offices and production workshops is required to be expanded from 10 meters to 30 meters; The distance between production workshops is required to be increased from 6 meters to 12-15 meters, and the distance between underground solvent storage is required to be expanded from 15 meters to 30 meters. Most paint enterprises in Shunde were built in the 1990s and designed according to the old fire protection standards, which cannot meet the current standards and must be rectified

"according to the latest spacing requirements, a plant area should be at least 30-50 mu." Shunde a paint enterprise said. However, Shunde cannot provide so much land. The data shows that at present, the land development intensity of Shunde has reached 48%, and some towns and streets have no land available. Hu Jingzhao, Secretary General of Shunde coating chamber of Commerce, believes that although Shunde coating enterprises have withstood the test in this license renewal, it also makes coating enterprises realize that with the increasingly standardized production standards, it will be difficult to survive in the future without building a new factory. "The desire of enterprises to expand has never been so strong as now."

the migration in the province is facing premature death

it is against this background that Shunde paint chamber of Commerce "hit it off" with Wujiang District of Shaoguan. Through the promotion of Shunde coating chamber of Commerce and other business associations, a total of 162 enterprises came to Shaoguan to invest. According to Hu Jingzhao, these enterprises are involved in the upstream and downstream industries of coating enterprises. In February 2009, they signed a contract with the local government to purchase 800 mu of land to avoid the injury of operators. According to the information released by Wujiang District, a number of high-quality projects dominated by environmental friendly coatings and well-equipped upstream and downstream will enter the district. The planned investment of these projects is 6.8 billion yuan, and the expected output value can reach 16.5 billion yuan

the ambition of Wujiang district to build a "Wujiang brand" of Chinese coatings is at hand. On March 10 this year, at the 2011 China (Beijing) International Paint Expo, Wujiang district signed a contract with the China paint industry association to jointly build the first domestic paint industry innovation demonstration base, and will introduce the paint science and technology research and development and training center in South China, which is fully supported by the China Paint Industry Association, to settle in the Gantang area of Wujiang, guanshao industrial transfer park, and build the technical core of the paint industry innovation demonstration base. The base has also established a coating industry expert station

according to the assumption of Wujiang District, the projects settled in this area will also abandon simple remote transfer and original factory replication, and comprehensively upgrade and transform from plant planning, equipment configuration, process flow, R & D capacity, and finally build the relatively large production workshop base of Jinan new era Gold Testing Instrument Co., Ltd., a manufacturer of casting tensile testing machine, into a platform for the convergence of high-tech projects in the coating industry, technological innovation in the coating industry It is a platform for R & D incubation and application production, and a demonstration platform for the transfer, agglomeration and upgrading of the coating industry

however, subject to the adjustment of national land use indicators, these lands have not been implemented. "Wujiang district said that the land index of 1700 mu in phase I has come down, but it has been a year and two months, and no enterprise can go up." Hu Jingzhao said that what worries him more is that next June is the renewal period of a new round of work safety licenses for hazardous chemicals. What should enterprises do then

according to the situation mastered by Hu Jingzhao, it will take more than a year to plan and build a paint factory. If we don't start work again, it will be difficult to catch up with the renewal audit next year. According to the national policy, land use indicators need to be decentralized by stages and in batches, and the second phase can be approved only after the first phase is completed. Therefore, many enterprises are also worried that the purchased land may not come down for three years. "In the past, people came to me every day to ask for land, but now there is a lot less, that is, the problem of land use indicators." Hu Jingzhao said

the coating chamber of commerce did not know the situation of Sanshui chemical industry zone

Shunde coating chamber of Commerce said that it did not know the construction situation of Sanshui hazardous chemicals zone and did not receive any notification. For this special area, Shunde coating chamber of commerce is more concerned about the area and land price of the park. "If there are only a few hundred mu, it is simply not enough. Now the enterprises we apply for generally use more than 50 mu of land, so that we can plan according to the new standards." Hu Jingzhao said that unless the land price is very expensive, 20-30 Mu will be considered. According to professional estimates, 20-30 mu of land can only support a production capacity of 30million-50million yuan at most. In contrast, Shunde enterprises prefer Shaoguan area, because the advantages of being together as a whole are far more obvious than fighting alone

for this reason, Shunde coating chamber of Commerce once asked the government to establish a coating production park on 2000 mu. Under this requirement, the relevant departments of Shunde District have conducted a feasibility study on the special area for hazardous chemicals, hoping to build a special area of 500 mu, of which 300 mu is for production and 200 mu is for storage. Liu Yi, executive deputy director of Shunde District Economic Promotion Bureau, said that due to the problem of planning approval, the district has not come down. According to the source, the Deputy Secretary General of Shunde District Party committee and government office once presided over the demonstration of the project, passed the expert review, and was ready to settle in Longjiang Town. However, due to the opposition of Longjiang Town Government, there was no progress. Later, the person in charge was newly appointed, and the construction of the park was not discussed below

zhangpeifa in the South

the city's only chemical industry zone subverts traditional ideas

entering Yuzhu chemical industry, it is as if you are in a beautiful garden, with rows of workshops, and every road is luxuriantly decorated with green trees and flowers. The enterprise uses less polluting solvents and other raw materials, and the whole process is transported by pipeline, which basically realizes sealed production and ensures the cleanness of the production process. Such chemical enterprises can be found everywhere in the chemical production zone of Datang Industrial Park

for many years, chemical enterprises have always been associated with the words "flammable, explosive and high pollution", and the chemical production zone of Datang Industrial Park has completely overturned this traditional concept and has become a name for chemical enterprises. Due to the perfect planning and reasonable design, the chemical industry zone of Datang Industrial Park was identified as the only chemical industry zone in Foshan by the Foshan Municipal People's government more than a month ago

establish an access threshold to eliminate high energy consumption and high pollution

Datang Industrial Park Chemical Industry Special Division I and II are located in the northeast end of Datang park a in Sanshui Central Industrial Park and the west of the middle, respectively, with a total planning area of 1195.54 mu. Among them, zone I is divided into five parts: chemical land for reagents and high-purity chemicals, chemical land for functional polymer materials, chemical land for adhesives, chemical land for catalysts and various additives, and chemical land for food and feed additives; Zone II is divided into four parts: dye chemical industry land, coating chemical industry land, pigment chemical industry land and functional polymer material chemical industry land

"our chemical industry zone mainly develops fine chemicals. In order to ensure safety and environmental protection, we have set a high threshold for entering the park, and the traditional enterprises with high energy consumption and high pollution cannot enter at all." Zhuzhiyao, deputy mayor of Datang Town, told that from the end of 2009, all chemical enterprises must enter the chemical industry zone. According to relevant regulations, the zone has strict requirements on the layout of chemical enterprises and the construction of enterprise plants. With the help of the thermal power plant in Datang Industrial Park, the zone realizes centralized heating, so enterprises in the chemical industry zone do not need to build additional boilers, which reduces air pollution and some potential safety hazards to a certain extent. "Enterprises also have strict requirements for sewage discharge. Enterprises themselves must first treat it, and then uniformly discharge it to the sewage treatment plant of the industrial park for further treatment."

in order to protect the environment, a special sewage treatment tank is set in the chemical industry zone, covering an area of about 10 mu. "This treatment tank is usually unused and empty. In case of an accident in an enterprise, the water for fire fighting and the water leaked in the accident or chemical raw materials can be collectively discharged here for treatment to prevent environmental pollution." At present, 36 chemical enterprises of various types, including Sima chemical, Xilong chemical and Zhushang fertilizer, have been introduced into the chemical industry zone, including 22 enterprises in trial production and 9 enterprises under construction. In 2010, the enterprises in the chemical industry zone achieved an output value of 3.607 billion yuan, and the output value is expected to reach 4.3 billion yuan this year

strict supervision and establishment of expert base for joint prevention and rescue

in addition to setting up enterprise access thresholds, the chemical industry zone also carries out strict supervision on enterprises entering the zone. According to Zhu Zhiyao, the entire chemical industry zone

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