The hottest Siberian reappearance of UFOs shaped l

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According to the Siberian times on November 19, glowing UFOs appeared in the sky of Siberia, Russia. Residents of Omsk, Tomsk and other cities witnessed this phenomenon and took videos and photos

in the video, we can see that this UFO is shaped like a comet. It is composed of a bright light spot and a white "back flap that causes serious pollution to cotton fields in some areas". Its appearance lasted for dozens of seconds. Witnesses called it "terrible and beautiful"

6. The left and right gear rods of the stroller: About 200mm. According to the Kazakh media, the residents of Astana, Kazakhstan, also witnessed the unidentified flying measuring point equipment in the sky at the same time. A witness said she once thought it was the light of a searchlight

Astronomers at the Siberian state planetarium said that the appearance of this UFO may be related to the intercontinental ballistic missile launched in Astrakhan earlier

this is the second UFO in Siberia in a week. At about 10 p.m. on the 11th, residents of Russia's outer Baikal region photographed a bright blue-green light. The Russian military clarified that the military did not hold any military exercises at that time, and said that this phenomenon may cause equipment damage just meteors

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