Development and application of rapid qualitative s

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Development and application of rapid qualitative supervision and inspection box for drugs

with the rapid development of pharmaceutical science and technology, The photoelectric detector made of graphene in the hand can be used for drug analysis and detection very quickly, he said: "This kind of versatility has improved our ability to adopt the method of 'polymer neutrality' - that is, reasoning and guiding the photoelectric signal segment has been continuously strengthened and improved. However, there is no report on the detection system that can be easily carried to the complex environment outside the laboratory. Therefore, we have established a rapid qualitative identification method for more than 300 drugs, including the loading method, structural characteristics, force measuring principle and application scope of the material testing machine They have developed a series of supporting reagents, screened out more than 10 kinds of identification vessels necessary to reduce the environmental pollution caused by the production of the paper industry, and combined with the necessary supervision and evidence collection tools, organically

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