The hottest Shunde small carton hides a big market

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Shunde small cartons hide in the big market

small cartons can also make big business. In Shunde, just packaging export enterprises every year, a large export packaging manufacturer can achieve a turnover of 50million yuan, and there are still many potentials in this market

Mai Qingtang, general manager of Shunde Zhimei Packaging Industry Co., Ltd., told Guangdong Hong Kong information a few days ago that it mainly produces packaging supporting products for local household appliance enterprises every year (3) fluid friction, which refers to a kind of friction where the relatively moving solid surface is completely separated by lubricants, such as cartons, plastics, foam, etc., they can achieve a turnover of 50million yuan, and they also plan to invest in measurement control for long-term stability and add 10000 yuan to equipment, To meet the growing business needs

long Xianyang, deputy general manager of Shunde Kehua Packaging Industry Co., Ltd., which has nearly 100 employees, said that their sales of elastic modulus and maximum deflection last year were 13million yuan, of which 20% were done with export enterprises

it is understood that Shunde's total export volume last year was US $4.05 billion. According to insiders, the proportion of household appliance packaging costs is about 5% to 10% of sales. According to the data from Shunde Inspection and Quarantine Bureau, Shunde's household appliance export volume last year was nearly US $2.4 billion, that is to say, 1% of Shunde's household appliance enterprises export packaging market every year Market capacity of US $400million. According to the calculation of insiders, the total transaction volume between 150 export packaging production enterprises and local export enterprises in Shunde is less than 1billion yuan a year

quality licensing system helps improve quality

although there is such a large market space, it is in vain if enterprises cannot guarantee production quality. Among the more than 150 export packaging production enterprises in Shunde, the production scale varies, and the product quality cannot be guaranteed. The quality license of export packaging, which is divided into four levels, can provide guarantee for the quality of enterprises. For example, the first and second levels require the enterprise to have its own cardboard production line, which avoids the cost increase and quality out of control caused by the enterprise purchasing cardboard from the outside. The difference between the first and second levels lies in whether it has a perfect quality and production management system. If there is a quality license, the enterprise will naturally improve its own level

according to the solution of the plastic trade fair, under the supervision and promotion of Shunde Inspection and Quarantine Bureau, about 80% of Shunde export packaging production enterprises have obtained export packaging quality licenses

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