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Shulman with innovative solutions appeared at the 2014 International Rubber and plastic exhibition

Shanghai, China - hulman, the world's leading manufacturer of high-performance composite plastics and resin products, successfully appeared at chinaplas2014 International Rubber and plastic Exhibition (Booth No.: N1, J41) held in Shanghai from April 23 to 26, showing the market how they made great efforts with enthusiastic innovation, sustainable development and customer attention, Promote the development of the industry

Derek Bristow, general manager and vice president of Shulman Asia, said: "For us, Chinaplas is an ideal platform to show the most cutting-edge technology and ideas. Today, we will continue to use this opportunity to show the wide application of Shulman's innovative products. We plan to perfectly combine Shulman's global expertise with industry, society and scientific research networks. At the same time, with strong customer relations, we can better understand customers' expectations and accurately provide the products they need Products to help it win more market share. "

Shulman's theme of this exhibition is "enthusiasm for plastics", which mainly shows customers innovative special high-performance plastic composites and resin products that can create excellent value. The products mainly promoted include papermatch, polybatch, schulamid MNF, schulamid TC and other products

innovation - papermatch and polybatch antibacterial and antibacterial functional masterbatches break through the limitations of innovation and create a diversified product space

papermatch is the perfect alternative to paper products. This multi-component system containing special additives and minerals provides a cost-effective solution for the application of synthetic membranes. The visual and tentacle effects of this material are similar to those of paper, and it can provide greater design flexibility to produce new products with different shapes, so as to help customers always grasp new business opportunities. With papermatch and polybatch DUL series products, which are a direct and effective method for calibrating the indication, Shulman has opened up more amazing product space for products and design in the application fields of labels, brochures, advertising materials, maps, banners, posters and book covers

polybatch antibacterial and antibacterial functional masterbatch contains preparations certified and registered by EPA, which can effectively prevent the growth and reproduction of many kinds of microorganisms. When used in combination with film or molded products, such additives can make the treated products better resistant to microorganisms. They are mainly divided into two categories: Category 1 is the invasion of non degradable bacteria

sustainability - schulamid MNF and schulamid TC help customers improve product sustainability and effectively control costs

by providing innovative raw materials with better environmental performance in the life cycle of sample shape recovery after the expansion and release of vacuum of the whole physiologic test sample, Shulman strives to help customers improve the sustainability of products. In sculamid? In MNF products, PA composites modified with traditional minerals and glass fibers have been replaced by innovative nano filler materials, which still depends on the progress of core technology. This technology brings valuable material properties, such as excellent stiffness and stiffness, high dimensional stability, and minimized warpage deformation. In addition, this product can also be recycled. These characteristics play a vital role in the production of automotive parts with large surface area, such as cooling fans

in addition, schulamid TC not only helps to improve the dimensional stability of parts, but also further improves the machinability of materials. The low density characteristic of this material means that its weight can be reduced by about 9%. Such lightweight materials will help reduce the cost of packaging and logistics transportation, and save energy consumption

customers - Shulman's professional technology can help customers develop the most widely used products in the world

Shulman's enthusiasm for the plastic industry is also the driving force for the company to apply high-performance masterbatch and engineering plastic products and create innovative solutions for customers. Its ultimate goal is to create a sustainable product development channel, and then help customers truly gain market competitive advantage

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