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At SIAF 2018 Guangzhou Exhibition, leisai released ethercat&rtex bus scheme

on March 4, the annual first exhibition of industrial automation in South China, SIAF Guangzhou international industrial automation technology and equipment exhibition, was grandly opened in zone a of the Canton Fair Exhibition Hall (Pazhou Exhibition Hall)

compared with previous years, this year's SIAF has broken the highest record in terms of exhibitors and floor area. Not only that, our old friend Shenzhen leisai Control Technology Co., Ltd. also came to the exhibition site this year, and showed a full range of bus products of EtherCAT and rtex with cutting-edge technology on the scene, presenting a series of operation control solutions for different industry needs and application scenarios. The press conference site attracted many professional audiences to watch. What kind of bus solution is this, Let's go and have a look

rexay motion control series products mainly include multi axis PCI motion control card, independent motion controller, special numerical control system, digital stepping driver, stepping motor, simple servo system, AC servo system, digital DC servo system, integrated motor, etc. the products are widely used in electronics, machinery, measurement, laser, medical treatment, textile, packaging Advertising and other automation equipment in hundreds of industries have been widely used for a long time

since its establishment, rexay has helped tens of thousands of equipment manufacturers in various industries successfully implement motion control solutions. According to the statistics of authoritative institutions, leisai has been ranked as the largest supplier of step drive and medium and small power servo products in China. The series of products are exported to more than 60 countries and regions such as the United States, Germany, Britain, India, Singapore, Hong Kong, Taiwan, etc. Due to the stable and reliable product quality and excellent public praise, leisai has become an internationally renowned brand in the motion control industry

this press conference is hosted by leisai and undertaken by industrial control. At the conference site of the EtherCAT rtex bus scheme of raysai, Lu Jian, director of strategic marketing and industry marketing of raysai control technology, Yang Li, director of application technology, Huang Jian, product manager of product department, Zhao Gang, manager of intelligent products, and five speakers from Panasonic motor division, Networking Engineer, Construction Department of cooperative promotion and Mr. Ya delivered keynote speeches successively

Where should we go in the era of bus

Industrial Ethernet high-speed bus technology has been developed abroad for many years. With the strong support of the state for intelligent manufacturing and the rapid development of China's automation market in recent years, with the support and promotion of foreign giants represented by Bifu, Omron and Siemens, high-speed bus schemes have also been widely used in various industries in China, especially emerging industries such as 3C, lithium battery and semiconductor. In the past, Chinese manufacturers' drive control motors and other types of products often fought their own battles, and the scheme integration ability was weak. Moreover, the bus product scheme was not mature, and there were not many practical applications. Foreign brands also have high prices, which make it difficult to deal with the problems of rapid changes in Chinese market demand and more customization and service requirements. These are the difficulties of the current industrial high-speed bus reality. With the advent of the bus era, where should we go? Mr. Lu Jian believes that each high-speed bus has its own advantages and disadvantages and applicable occasions, and the best choice is to use the most suitable bus scheme. As an industry expert who has worked professionally in the field of motion control for 21 years, rexay has rich practical experience in the motion control industry and product research and development. Based on the most complete product series in the industry, it integrates internal and external high-quality resources to provide you with various cost-effective pulse and bus motion control supporting solutions for choice on different occasions. Rexroth and all partners work together to build an ecosystem of bus solutions, so that customers can quickly obtain the industry solutions and services that best meet their needs in most cases

Lu Jian, strategic marketing and industrial marketing director of rexay control technology

build an efficient Bayer Materials Technology Asia Pacific innovation director and head of polymer R & D center, Dr. Christian Haessler said: "Sunshine power is not the only innovative project benefiting from our high-tech materials and solutions. The bus solution ecosystem

after decades of accumulation in the industrial field, through several revolutionary turns, intelligent manufacturing (industry 4.0) The trend of is taking shape. Mr. Yang Li said that the core of the physical layer of intelligent manufacturing is intelligent control technology, and one of the core trends of intelligent control technology is the trend of bus control. Only by grasping this key trend can we move towards the right path to intelligent manufacturing, which is of great significance to China's industrial control industry, which is still relatively backward

based on 21 years of automatic control experience and combined with the bus development trend of intelligent control technology, rexay intelligent provides industry partners with a highly cost-effective bus control overall solution, which includes rexay's control layer bus products, Panasonic and Gaochuang's bus servo products (executive layer), coupled with rexay's bus step, Thus, it constitutes the most competitive bus control overall solution in the industry. This also forms an overall solution ecosystem covering the bus control layer to the execution layer

Yang Li, director of control technology application technology of rexay

flexible, efficient and easy-to-use bus control star

as the highlight of this conference, rexay officially released EtherCAT bus series and rtex new series products. Leisai bus control products are flexible, efficient and easy to use to meet customers' multi axis control needs and solve remote control problems. Mr. Huang Jian introduced that the EtherCAT bus type embedded controller represented by pac9300 can control 256 slave stations and can realize 125us bus control cycle. In terms of motion function, the new product inherits the original pulse series products and also adds trajectory simulation and monitoring functions. The rtex bus series products represented by dmc-r3032 can reach 32 in terms of slave station control. The minimum control cycle can be the main task of the main program is to initialize, interrupt scanning, communication and restore the system to 250us. It has the characteristics of fast response and high security level. At the same time, corresponding to the two buses, it provides supporting products such as digital input module, digital output module, data acquisition module, and analog input and output module. In addition, Mr. Huang Jian also shared several practical cases, such as component production and assembly lines, battery assembly equipment, printing equipment, etc

Huang Jian, product manager of leisai control technology product department

stepping drive with the highest sales volume in the world

at the scene, leisai also released the structure and operation methods of dm3e series eth concrete pressure testing machine, including ercat bus stepping driver, dm3rt series rtex bus stepping driver and l6e series EtherCAT bus servo driver. According to Mr. Zhao Gang, leisai has the highest sales of stepping drive products in the world. Its drive products are widely recognized by customers with professional industrial design, excellent performance and rich application cases. At the same time, it leads the development trend of domestic stepping drives

rexay product manager Zhao Gang

ecosystem partner, layout the bus motion control market

in order to establish a more complete ecosystem of bus solutions, rexay group reached a strategic cooperation with Panasonic as early as 2016 to jointly develop the bus control market. At the end of the press conference, Mr. zhubu and Ya from Panasonic introduced Panasonic's latest ultra-high speed network servo Minas a6n series products to the audience. Based on rtex ultra-high speed network communication, this series of products have extremely fast response speed and superior performance, and can be perfectly compatible with rexay rtex bus series control products to create a powerful motion control system

Panasonic motor division, network engineer, cooperation promotion department and ya

attracted many audiences and media in the industry to attend the meeting. At the end of the meeting, Mr. Yang Li answered the questions asked by the media in detail

the meeting was full of guests

with the maturity and development of motion control technology, it has accumulated achievements. It can be expected that it will be more and more widely used in modern and future manufacturing enterprises, and the market prospect is infinite. Of course, leisai will not miss this excellent gold mining era. The industrial control personnel on site can feel leisai's determination to strive to be the industry leader and lead the industry towards a better future. Leisai will continue to innovate technology, deeply cultivate the industry market, and work with industry partners to contribute to the construction of a more complete industry ecosystem

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