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Development and equipment of preparation technology of open cell polymer micro foaming materials

in the past few decades, the preparation technology of polymer microporous materials has been developed. At present, China has deployed seven major petrochemical industrial bases, and has made great progress. Many kinds of molding processes and methods that can produce micro pores in polymer matrix have been developed, such as phase separation method, stretching method, nuclear track method, sintering method, thermal decomposition method, etc, The materials prepared by these methods have very important applications in many fields, including insulation materials, packaging materials, controlled release materials, bone replacement materials and so on, because of their characteristics 4. Determination items and specification settings: upper and lower limit specification values, test results can automatically determine the microstructure of OK or ng, which has become an indispensable and important functional material in many fields

with the development of technology, higher requirements are put forward for the molding technology of microporous materials, such as the requirements of environmental friendliness, without the use of additives (substances) that may cause pollution to the environment and polymer matrix, and can be applied to most polymer materials. The microstructure can be controlled and continuous production can be realized. To meet these requirements, It is necessary to develop new polymer microporous material preparation technology, and the use of micro foaming technology to form polymer microporous materials can meet these requirements, so it has become a recent research hotspot

in the early 1980s, Suh and others of MIT first proposed the concept of micro foamed plastics and developed related molding technology. The concept of micro foamed plastics was initially proposed to introduce a large number of voids in the polymer matrix with a smaller size than the existing defects of the polymer, so as to reduce the quality of products and improve their rigidity without significantly reducing the strength. The pore size of the micro foaming material prepared by this process is generally below 10 microns, and the prominent thing is that the cell density is very high, reaching 109 ~ 1015/cm3

if all the clamping experiments are broken near the clamping part, the project will focus on the feasible method of industrialized preparation of open cell polymer microporous materials by using micro foaming molding technology through the analysis of the latest foreign technology trends, and on this basis, carry out the development of industrial equipment and molding process. We hope to cooperate with interested enterprises to jointly develop this advanced preparation technology of functional materials

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