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SIAF Guangzhou Automation Exhibition and asiamold Guangzhou Mold Exhibition opened ceremoniously this week to show cutting-edge intelligent manufacturing solutions

China industrial control and industrial control information SIAF Guangzhou Automation Exhibition and asiamold Guangzhou Mold Exhibition opened ceremoniously this week to show cutting-edge intelligent manufacturing solutions

entering March, The Guangzhou international industrial automation technology and Equipment Exhibition (SIAF) and the Guangzhou International Mold Exhibition (asiamold) held at the same time are about to usher in the grand opening day. From March 3 to 5, 2021, they will meet with the industry audience in zone B of Guangzhou China Import and export commodities trading exhibition hall. At the same time that local enterprises are actively resuming work and planning layout, SIAF, which focuses on intelligent manufacturing, will continue to provide intelligent industrial automation solutions for the manufacturing industry in South China, and become an advantage Exhibition for widely used enterprises to pay attention to and explore business resources for a long time. At the same time, asiamold will display a series of precision molding solutions including mold manufacturing, 3D printing technology, injection molding and so on. With a total area of 40000 square meters, the two exhibitions are expected to welcome 660 exhibitors. At that time, there will be more than 90 seminars to provide the industry with the latest industry information and market insights such as industrial automation, mold manufacturing and 3D printing

Guangzhou Guangya flange can also be used in the compression test of non-metallic materials such as cement and concrete. Mr. Du Chenghua, chairman of Kefu Exhibition Co., Ltd., said: in the past year, the advantages of modern automation, intelligence, digitization and related intelligent production technology were particularly obvious. With the domestic epidemic well controlled and the advanced manufacturing industry included in the key objectives of the 14th five year plan, These are important opportunities to broaden and deepen the application of intelligent manufacturing. We hope that with the strength of SIAF and asiamold, we can bring together leading Asian solution suppliers in the fields of industrial automation, mold manufacturing, 3D printing, die casting and so on, so as to promote more business exchange opportunities and promote the development of industrial automation

siaf and asiamold exhibition focus

the three-day exhibition will be dedicated to displaying the innovative achievements of Intelligent Manufacturing in South China and presenting the innovative technological development of industrial automation. At the same time, the epidemic has accelerated the rapid development of intelligent manufacturing solutions for the operating system of four ball friction and wear testing machine, which continue to produce long-term benefits and adopt digital chemical plants, digital transformation, data trading, 3D printing to reduce the unstable friction force and mold manufacturing. Brand exhibitors in related technical fields of SIAF and asiamold include:

industrial robots, machine vision and intelligent warehousing, logistics integrated solutions

Chuangfeng, Chuangke, connaishi, Daheng image, Xishun, Dongguan ideal, Kaidao, mcmaste, Mohr plastic, nichong wire, matching machine, horizons vertical and horizontal, Sigu, Huishi, willobo, Anchuan Shougang

electrical system and connection system

binder, bonfli Gaocheng, GAOSONG, machiyang, Dong'an electric, Haoting, partner, leisai, Quanshuo, Qinglan technology, Saibao, sigma tech, Shenchi, xingweilian, Wien, ward, research control technology

induction technology and industrial measurement

otonix, Bonner, bidek, Jiale, Changjiang electric, Kerui, devre, Yiche, Jinuo, Hongrun, yifumen, Kubler, lanbao, Meiji sensor, beijiafu, Shenpu Yuheng

IOT, industrial interconnection and human-machine interface devices

Kedi Tongda, Gumei, gongtu, Hongge, Kunlun Industrial control, Laogou technology, Lianrui, Jingqi, lubangtong, luodingsen, Shi maisai, Huamao Aote

mold manufacturing and processing, 3D printing

Chuangyi, Fangtian software, HaoChen hot runner, Yuanzhu intelligence, Xi'an Ouzhong, Jingmu mold, Jinpan mold, xingjingke plastic mold, Jucheng mold Suzhou rhesus REDIC optics, modebo, feifanshi, SuiEr mold, Shanghai digital manufacturing, Shengyang Electromechanical, Nanhe Jianyi mold

casting, die casting and forging technology

Amazon machinery, Hanwei electronic hardware, Hongyu mold, Oujie precision technology, Shengyan hardware Electromechanical, Yitai technology Yuxin metal

well known industry buyers are ready to seek business opportunities with manufacturers

visitors will be able to enjoy comprehensive and cutting-edge intelligent manufacturing solutions in China's manufacturing market. At the same time, a group of leading enterprise brands will arrange a buyer delegation to visit the exhibition and explore the latest technological products. Some of the leading enterprise representatives confirmed to attend include:

Amway, Wrigley home, Baiyun electric, BYD, Colgate, Delta, Yida textile, Foxconn, GAC FICO, Gree, JDB, xufuji, Yangpu medical, LiBai, Midea, Dongfeng Nissan, optronic, Panasonic, TCL, Valeo, etc.

in addition, Various industry associations have also organized many Chinese manufacturers to purchase innovative industrial automation products and solutions at the exhibition to upgrade their production lines. The associations that have been confirmed to participate in this exhibition include:

China Light Industry Machinery Association, Dongguan Industrial Automation Industry Association, Dongguan Machinery Mould Association, Dongguan Robot Association, Guangdong Manufacturing Association, Guangzhou Energy Association, Huizhou Dawan District Enterprise Federation, Shenzhen Longgang District High Tech Association, Shunde electronic chamber of Commerce, Shunde Robot Association Zhongshan Xiaolan chamber of Commerce, etc.

concurrent activities increased the experience of exhibitors and buyers

seminars and exchange activities held at the same time also became the highlights of the two exhibitions. In response to a series of national policies and improving the standards of domestic production and scientific and technological innovation, the exhibition will cover 5g, digital chemical plants, digital transformation, data trading, 3D printing technology, mold manufacturing and other hot topics of concern to China's manufacturing industry. At that time, exhibitors and buyers can communicate in more than 90 seminars to understand the latest developments, technologies and products in the industry. The event will focus on the following topics:

dialogue invisible champion series forum - drive and control

intelligent manufacturing + IOT Forum - the digital transformation of the consumer goods industry is at the right time

how to choose a suitable Rally machine? The following are the summary steps:

TSN (time sensitive path technology and application) forum

OPC UA - the key standard to realize the interconnection of industrial things

Zhihui Guangzhou, Manufacturing leadership - Digital chemical plant manufacturing Application Forum

industrial software and industrial road innovation forum

measurement and control accelerate the future prospects of digitalization in manufacturing industry Japan iifes Cooperation Forum

intelligent solutions seminar

TnPM Summit Forum and equipment Intelligent Maintenance Conference

the second molding industry summit forum - automotive molding division

the second molding industry summit forum - intelligent injection molding division

Exhibition Organizers strengthen personal health and hygiene and epidemic prevention measures

as the exhibition organizer, Messe Frankfurt attaches great importance to the health and safety of exhibition participants. In order to ensure the health and safety of exhibitors and visitors in the process of communication, the exhibition will strengthen health and epidemic prevention measures, including real name certification and registration, on-site temperature monitoring, regular disinfection of public areas, reasonable social distance planning in forums and conference venues, etc

siaf Guangzhou international industrial automation technology and equipment exhibition is jointly organized by Guangzhou Guangya Frankfurt Exhibition Co., Ltd., China Foreign Trade Guangzhou Exhibition Corporation, Guangzhou Fuyang Exhibition Co., Ltd. and Germany Messe Frankfurt Exhibition Co., Ltd. Guangdong automation society, Guangzhou automation society and Guangzhou instrumentation society served as honorary organizers, and Guangzhou chamber of Commerce of the China International Chamber of Commerce was the supporting unit of the exhibition

exhibitors and visitors can email sps@ for inquiries about Guangzhou international industrial automation technology and Equipment Exhibition (SIAF); For enquiries about asiamold, please email asiamold@

for more details about the exhibition, please visit and

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