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The epoxy resin market early tips

since entering this week, the domestic epoxy resin market has begun to decline. Due to the overall reduction of raw material ECH, the epoxy resin has been stable for a long time. This test-bed is mainly used for the dynamic change of various torque bearing parts. The fatigue test tune has been broken, and markets around the country have declined to varying degrees, The average decline rate is 500 yuan (the drying time of cement is generally 10-15 days). After the cement is completely dried, the solid product market is also further improving. Although some resin factories temporarily stabilize the price and wait, with the cold weather, the downstream demand gradually weakens, and the delivery of goods by factories also begins to slow down compared with the previous period. At present, the quotation of Huangshan solid resin manufacturer e-12/604) is 23000 yuan/ton, the market supply is acceptable, and the sales price in Shandong is about 22200 yuan/ton; The price of liquid resin (e-44/6101) in the market is mostly 273. Jinan new era Gold Testing Instrument Co., Ltd. sincerely welcomes users to call and inquire about yuan/ton, (e-51/618) the price is about yuan/ton, the high-end price begins to fall, and the focus moves down

the price of epoxy resin fell slightly due to the decline of raw materials. The fluctuation of raw material prices is a very important factor determining the trend of epoxy resin. It is expected that in the later stage, after the new unit is fully started, the supply will be supplemented, and the price may further decline; The recent decline of bisphenol A began to affect the epoxy resin. It is expected that the epoxy resin will temporarily stabilize after the decline in the short term, and will continue to decline slightly in the long run

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