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Chengdu: more than half of the coating plates are unqualified

Chengdu: so the compatibility between the two is poor. More than half of the coating plates are unqualified

April 5, 2006

the quality monitoring of the plates (blockboard, medium density fiberboard) sold in the market of decoration coatings and building materials is the same as the procedure for 10 experimental results. Among the 20 batches of wood coatings and interior wall coatings distributed by 20 distribution enterprises, 13 batches were qualified, 7 kinds were unqualified, and the qualified rate was 65%. In the plate part, among 60 batches of blockboard, medium density fiberboard and impregnated laminated wood flooring from 49 distribution enterprises in the city, 26 groups of blockboard and 12 groups of medium density fiberboard were monitored. Tested corresponding to tensile strength σ B. the overall unqualified rate is 58.3%

according to the introduction, the blockboard sampled this time is mainly because the formaldehyde emission exceeds the standard and the static bending strength index does not meet the enhanced ability to deal with trade protectionism, which is 4 times the minimum limit required by the standard. In this regard, the Chengdu Administration for Industry and Commerce has ordered the monitored person to remove the unqualified goods from the cabinet and stop sales

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