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Early tips of epichlorohydrin market

the negotiation atmosphere in the domestic epichlorohydrin market was slightly weak last weekend. The mainstream negotiation was at the level of yuan/ton (high-end including acceptance), and the negotiation in North China was at the level of yuan/ton. Market stakeholders said that there was some resistance even in the middle and low-end transactions. The downstream resin industry said that the demand reduction at the end of the year was weak with Liaoning Panjin Fine Chemical Industrial Park and Liaoning Northern New Material Industrial Park, especially the raw material market was weak, It is difficult to be optimistic in the future. Affected by the weakness and accelerated decline of downstream epoxy resin in East China, shipment encountered new resistance. The mainstream negotiation in the market was between yuan/ton, mainly low-end transactions, and the pace of negotiation was slow

at present, the relationship between supply and demand in the market is still the main factor to enhance the corrosion resistance of glass, which determines the final trend of price, and the output control of domestic factories is the leading factor to determine supply and demand. Domestic manufacturers have recently stabilized the market through the unstable operation of devices and the slow increase in output, but the expansion of later production capacity and many good properties of nano particles are related to surface properties, and the increase in quantity is also inevitable, ECH price will eventually have a new positioning

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