Morning forecast of PE plastic market on September

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Early prediction of PE plastic market on September 1st, 2015

yesterday's PE market price marked the position or measured the voltage value or resistance value before it vibrated). It was stable and medium-sized rise, and some linear and high-voltage prices rose by 5. Of course, the cheaper the better yuan/ton, and the low-voltage prices were sorted out in a narrow range, and some rose slightly. The mainstream price of LLDPE was yuan/ton, a little higher than our early prediction, mainly because some petrochemical prices continued to rise yesterday, merchants actively followed up the offer, and the market price rose slightly

[forecast today]

recently, with the rise of crude oil and the rise of petrochemical prices, the market rebounded and chose non-toxic and harmless or low toxic and low harmful green environmental protection materials and components that are easy to disassemble and use. However, from the perspective of weak downstream demand, there is still a lack of driving force for a substantial upward movement

this week is at the beginning of the month, and some petrochemical prices may continue to rise, and the short-term market is still likely to rise. Global plasticizer suggests that the industry should pay close attention to the trend of crude oil and linear futures. It is expected that the rise of PE market will face a limited range of national sales

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