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More than 900 domestic and foreign manufacturers rushed to Hunan Shaodong hardware and electromechanical Expo April 6 (Wang Haohao, Deng xingzhao) the third Hunan Shaodong hardware and electromechanical Expo, which lasted for three days, opened in Shaodong International Trade City on the 6th. More than 900 manufacturers from more than 10 countries, including Thailand, Brazil and Taiwan, participated in the exhibition. The accuracy of the resistance strain gauge inside the sensor is not high, the anti-aging ability of the glue used to fix the strain gauge is not good, and the data of the sensor is not good. Duyi affects the accuracy of the sensor

it is reported that the exhibition area of the Expo is 30000 square meters, and there are 1200 standard booths. At the scene, we saw that international well-known brands such as Stanley, Budweiser, Songya and so on participated in the exhibition, while exhibitors from mainland China came from Lanzhou, Kunming, Linyi, Wenzhou and other places, and many new products such as smart luggage, 3D printing hardware tools were eye-catching

product display

Shaodong is not along the border or near the sea, but with the spirit of being bold and self-improvement, there are nearly 1million Shaoshang people all over the world, with a total asset of more than 4trillion yuan (RMB, the same below). Shaodong has the reputation of "hometown of hundreds of industries, city of Commerce and trade, and private capital". It is also "national sustainable development pilot zone" and "China luggage and leather industry base"

Taiwan Pavilion

since 2017, Shaodong has held a hardware and electromechanical Expo every year, which has attracted 200000 visitors, signed 57 agreements on enterprise entry and technological innovation, and the transaction volume exceeded 10billion yuan. Today, Shaodong has (1) the largest hardware and Electromechanical market with the largest gap in scientific and technological innovation in central and southern China, with more than 3500 hardware tool production and management enterprises and more than 50000 employees; Wrenches, pliers, hammers and other products have an annual production capacity of 300million sets and an output value of more than 2billion yuan. More than 70% of them are exported to Europe, America, the Middle East, Southeast Asia, Hong Kong, Taiwan and other places

various hardware products

"there are 6 enterprises in Taiwan participating in the exhibition, and their products include high-quality hardware such as nail guns." Chen Yongkui, chairman of Taiwan enterprise Likai Industrial Co., Ltd., said that this was their first time to attend the exhibition in Shaodong. The mainland has a large market to develop. In the future, we will find agents in various provinces and gradually open the mainland market

Wilson, Deputy Consul General of Brazil in Guangzhou, said in his speech that Shaodong is China's largest production and export base of hardware, bags and lighters. The products produced here are all needed by Brazil, and this exhibition will be promoted in Brazil in the future. The economic and trade cooperation between Hunan Province and Brazil is very close. It is hoped that more Hunan businessmen will invest in Brazil

on the same day, 13 projects including yiwaihua Xingbao credit platform project, CAMCE Inner Mongolia Jinhai hardware and electromechanical City strategic cooperation project, Brazil Shaodong commodity exhibition and Trade Center project, Thailand China ASEAN Economic and trade cooperation project, and cross strait exhibition cooperation project were successfully signed, with a total amount of 2.6 billion yuan

shenzhiding, Secretary of the CPC Shaodong county committee, said that in recent years, Shaodong county has deeply implemented the strategy of "promoting industry and commerce, transformation and upgrading", and actively built Shaodong into a national innovation and entrepreneurship experimental area, a commodity logistics distribution area in the central region, and a pilot area for the revitalization and development of Hunan Light Industry, so that the economic and social development of the whole county has entered a high-quality development fast lane. Today, Shaodong is one of the areas with the fastest economic development, the greatest potential and the most active in Hunan Province. Shaodong will promote the project construction and industrial development with the highest sincerity, the best service and the greatest efforts, and help the enterprises put into operation to start, put into operation and achieve results as soon as possible. (end)

[: Huang Shili]

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