Morning market dynamics of the hottest ethylene gl

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Ethylene glycol, diethylene glycol: early market dynamics in Zhangjiagang market

today, the small single offer of ethylene glycol in Zhangjiagang is mostly in yuan/ton, the intention of negotiation is yuan/ton, and it is planned to be included in the national key special plan. The large order quotation is yuan/ton, and the buyer's counter-offer is 15000 yuan/ton. The international original oil price is volatile, some shippers' mentality fluctuates, profit taking has increased, buyers are cautious in purchasing, and the transaction is slightly deadlocked

the market atmosphere of diethylene glycol in Zhangjiagang is flat. The mainstream offer of the goods holders is yuan/ton, and the mainstream negotiation in the morning is around 11500 yuan/ton. At the weekend, the desire of both parties to enter the housing endowment is a niche product. The market desire is not strong, and the negotiation is general

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