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Bisphenol a market tips in the morning

yesterday, the domestic bisphenol a market was still in a depressed state, and we should also consider whether the oil is too thin and dirty. The market prices such as low prices are frequent. The reference price of near foreign goods is 16500 yuan/ton or slightly higher, while that of ocean is slightly lower. The market once heard the price of 16200 yuan/ton, but there was no transaction heard. Some dealers are forced by the high cost pressure to operate unintentionally, and still insist on a small number of short positions to wait for the market; On the other hand, in terms of Tangshan market, dealers facing financial pressure are still selling, and the downstream carefully selects small orders to purchase. Manufacturers: Wuxi Resin Factory 1 is ready for the 4D printing period The 60000 T/a bisphenol a plant continues to be in the shutdown state, and the operating rate of 25000 T/a plant remains at 70% or 80%. The products are mainly for personal use, and a small amount of products are sold on the market. Shanghai Bayer's 110000 ton/year bisphenol a plant maintained an operating rate of 50%. Although the manufacturer's quotation of 17800 yuan/ton was firm, the transaction speed was almost stagnant. At present, it is stable to wait and see the market. Action should be light

the negotiations on the external market continued to be light. Although the merchants could not bear the current price, the pressure of capital had to bear the pain to cut meat, and the downstream epoxy resin and PC market gradually turned to light. The continuous decline of related products ECH also inhibited the downstream procurement of bisphenol A. the abundant supply and consumption of the market coexisted slowly, and the merchants withstood the pressure from all parties, leading to the collapse of the market, This situation will not change overnight. Before the year, the market was still weak

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