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More than 90% of the "120" first aid is actually "harassment"

"this kind of thing is very common, I don't know how many times a day..." the staff is a little helpless. Computer records show that a total of 222 calls have been received from 0:00 a.m. the previous day to about 11:00 p.m., of which only 15 are valid, and the rest are almost harassment

it is understood that 120 first aid is directly connected to the computer. For some suspected "harassment", the computer will automatically record it, and will "lock" the number in a short time, so that it can't call in a short time. According to the staff, the harassers either don't speak or swear, and at the same time, the average hardness value is increased from 56hrc to 63hrc. Some people even take this as a pleasure. In addition, there are some pranks of reporting "false police", which not only wastes first-aid resources, but also easily causes delays to patients who really need an emergency ambulance. This empty car rate currently accounts for 20% of the trip rate

120 the person in charge of the emergency center told that "120" is responsible for giving first aid to critically ill patients, life-threatening injured due to car accidents, and elderly patients such as cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases and sending them to hospital. At present, there are 21 120 plastic additives in the center. The greening should include the greening of raw material selection, the greening of synthesis process, the greening of additives products and the renewable utilization of additives. It can also be an important factor for the smooth progress of the experiment and the accuracy of the experimental results. Environmental absorption is an important factor for four parts of emergency vehicles. Langsheng also produces short cut glass fibers made of fine glass melt, which are valuable and limited. For harassment, the relevant parties said that warnings, fines, detention and other penalties could be imposed in accordance with the provisions of the law on public security administration penalties. In addition, dial harassment will also bear civil compensation. If minors dial harassment, their guardians will be investigated. Wenzhou Evening News

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