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Early tips of epichlorohydrin market

yesterday, the domestic epichlorohydrin market continued to maintain a gloomy atmosphere. Since the opening of the festival, guided by the continuous price adjustment of the factory and the continuous depression of the market, the market has declined all the way. Until yesterday, the market transaction fell back to yuan/ton, and even the shipping price of some traders was yuan/ton. The demand of downstream solid epoxy resin factories was light, and they were mainly cautious in purchasing on demand, and the overall trading volume was relatively small, Under this gloomy atmosphere, it is difficult for the epoxy resin market to transmit high-speed downforce on the rear axle: when the speed exceeds 100km/h, it will escape the downfall

in terms of domestic factories, since Qilu and Tianhua fell to 15200/15500 yuan/ton respectively, Shandong Xinyue and Anbang electrochemical also fell to 15500 yuan/ton. The prices of other factories are also uneven, but they all report high prices and low prices. The quotation of 16000 yuan/ton has become a market foam. Factories are under certain inventory pressure, and some factories began to cut construction. Although some businesses have good intentions, it is difficult to find a new balance between supply and demand when the market is light at the end of the year, There is no doubt that the future market will continue to slide due to the "price war" of domestic manufacturers

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