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Thinking about the development of Yunnan packaging and printing industry driven by the development of Yunnan tobacco industry, Yunnan packaging and printing industry has developed rapidly. Over the past 20 years, with the development of Yunnan "two tobacco" industry, the packaging and printing industry has experienced a development process from small to large and from weak to strong. At present, the province has more than 50 internationally advanced 6-8 color gravure printing production lines. In recent years, Yunnan packaging and printing enterprises have intensified technical transformation and introduced foreign advanced multi-color offset printing machines. Now the province has nearly 100 multi-color offset printing machines and online polishing offset printing machines. Flexo printing and printing 1 The company decided to improve the transparency of its cobalt supply chain and hot stamping die cutting by the end of 2017. The 36 packaging and printing enterprises above Designated Size have fixed assets with a total value of 2.5 billion yuan. In, they "Browse" the electronic parts on the load unit to achieve a sales revenue of 2.9 billion yuan and an industrial added value of 980 million yuan. It can be said that after years of accumulation, Yunnan packaging and printing industry has already had its own advantages in terms of equipment, technology, talents and funds. However, due to the limitations of Yunnan packaging and printing industry's own growth experience, there are also some problems that can not be ignored


due to the lack of industry macro guidance, it is difficult for these markets to easily replace China's position in the development process, resulting in a vicious circle of repeated introduction, repeated projects, and production capacity exceeding market demand. There are too many gravure printing machines. The phenomenon that some production capacity is idle has become very common

Yunnan's packaging and printing industry is excessively dependent on the cigarette industry, and its market development ability is weak. Cigarettes are in high demand, and packaging and printing enterprises are better off than slow-moving cigarettes. Their business is light. Due to the poor market development ability, the equipment is not started enough, and the idle production capacity is as high as 40%

the transformation of enterprise concept lags behind and the market adaptability is weak. Cigarette enterprises carry out bidding procurement. Packaging and printing enterprises are difficult to adapt, and lack the initiative to make use of the advantages of existing equipment, technology and capital accumulation to adjust product structure and penetrate into industries other than cigarettes

the structure of packaging and printing industry is loose, the degree of organization is low, and the awareness of industry management and self-discipline is weak; The lack of enterprise groups with strong core competitiveness and low allocation level make the advantages of technology, equipment and capital accumulation of the packaging and printing industry unable to be effectively integrated and brought into play


Yunnan provincial government attaches great importance to the development of tobacco related supporting industries, and is formulating the development plan of tobacco related supporting industries

the plan requires the packaging and printing industry to take a new road to industrialization, establish brand awareness, strengthen the development of packaging and printing technology, reasonably adjust the product structure, continuously explore the markets of medicine, food, beverage, wine, etc., provide exquisite packaging for agricultural and sideline products in Yunnan, speed up the pace of industry integration, transform traditional industries with high and new technologies and processes, Realize the operation of enterprise groups and improve the competitive level of Yunnan packaging and printing industry as a whole

focus on major projects, such as the industrialization of CTP direct plate making system, holographic hot stamping of roll soft package, multi-color gravure printing machine, high-speed circular pressing round wire printing, holographic hot stamping, die cutting combination technology achievements; Actively adjust product structure, develop new packaging materials and reduce costs; Expand the medium and high-grade packaging and printing market outside packaging. Through integration, a number of packaging and printing groups with core competitiveness have been formed, making Yunnan an important packaging and printing production base in Southwest China

the implementation of the government's planning requirements should be implemented from the following aspects:

first, packaging and printing enterprises should change their ideas, establish a sense of competition, change the idea of over reliance on the tobacco industry, give full play to their respective advantages, actively adjust the product structure according to the market needs, and develop packaging and printing products other than cigarette packets. The association is preparing to hold a high-level forum on Yunnan packaging and printing in due time. Through the forum, the packaging and printing enterprises will fully understand the current situation of Yunnan packaging and printing, explore ideas, change ideas, find ways to change the current situation, and think about the future development direction

second, accelerate structural adjustment, promote joint restructuring, and promote the optimal allocation of assets. Yunnan tobacco will take the brand as the link to form four groups. The packaging and printing enterprises should seize this favorable opportunity to give full play to the group advantages, speed up the pace of enterprise merger, association and reorganization, and establish a strong brand with core competitiveness. Effective enterprise groups, change the current situation of "scattered, small and disorderly" packaging and printing in our province, and improve market competitiveness

third, the government should increase support for the packaging and printing industry. To achieve several major leading enterprises, we should cultivate strong packaging and printing enterprises in accordance with the principle of supporting the excellent and the strong. Give full play to the existing production equipment, technology, site, capital and talent advantages of the enterprise, encourage and support backbone packaging and printing enterprises to focus on one industry, carry out diversified business, and expand the development space of the enterprise

fourth, strengthen industry management and self-discipline. The competent department of the industry should strengthen the coordination and service work for enterprises. In order to adapt to the market competition at home and abroad, the government should increase the work of cultivating and developing industry associations, authorize or entrust industry associations to carry out industry self-discipline management, standardize the internal behavior of the industry, and create an orderly market environment for enterprises

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