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Refrigeration and fresh-keeping technology for high-power fishing boats

the operation area of high-power towing boats is generally deep and far sea, and the voyage operation time is about 15-20 days; If you work in Nansha fishing ground, the voyage operation time will be as long as 30-40 days. The high-power trawler has strong operation ability, long continuous operation time and high catch yield, which requires the trawler to have strong fresh-keeping ability, so as to ensure the fresh-keeping quality of the catch. The traditional method of keeping fishing boats fresh with ice has the disadvantages of large amount of ice, short period of keeping fresh and unstable quality of catching fresh, which is not enough to meet the needs of continuous operation of deep-sea fishing vessels. Fishing boats in our area often come to Nansha fishing ground for production. The way to Nansha fishing ground is very long. Most of the people's fishing boats operate with ice. Although the fishing boats come back from production, the fresh-keeping ice in the fish bin has long disappeared, and the quality of the fresh-keeping of the catch has been greatly reduced. The high-quality fish can not be sold at a good price, and the economic benefits can not be reflected. This has seriously affected the enthusiasm of fishermen to develop the southern convenient operation as a good sand fishing ground. In order to solve the problem that high-power fishing boats have a long endurance in deep and open sea operations and are difficult to catch and keep fresh, the customer is now recommending = refrigeration and preservation technologies for the reference and application of high-power fishing boats

1. equipment and technical measures

(1) the fresh-keeping warehouse of high-power fishing boats is generally large, with a volume of 80-100 cubic meters. The refrigeration equipment shall be configured according to the volume of the fresh-keeping warehouse. The marine refrigerator imported from Japan can be selected. The power shall be 10-15kw. One set of supporting equipment shall be installed on a single ship: one 15kw motor, two 15kw generators (one for standby), and one 20kW diesel engine; Stainless steel seamless steel pipe shall be used for cold transmission pipe; The refrigeration system is water-cooled

(2) installation requirements ① technical transformation shall be carried out on the original fresh-keeping warehouse (the insulation layer of the wooden fishing boat fresh-keeping warehouse is generally protected by 15cm thick foam material plus 5cm thick wood board). The technical transformation shall be carried out to thicken the insulation thickness to 25cm, plus 8cm thick fir wood board protection layer, and then sealed with galvanized plate to enhance the tightness of the fresh-keeping warehouse. ② The thickened seamless stainless steel pipe is used as the cooling pipe, which is evenly distributed around the warehouse wall and on the top of the warehouse during installation

2. fresh keeping principle on the basis of the traditional bulk ice fresh-keeping mode, the application of refrigeration technology was introduced and developed into the micro freezing and micro ice fresh-keeping technology. The temperature of the fresh-keeping warehouse was controlled scientifically, and the catch kept the characteristics of bulk ice fresh-keeping and improved the fresh-keeping degree

3. after reaching the technical indicators, Qinzhou Aquatic Technology Promotion Station selected a pair of 425kw double towing fishing boats and tested and applied the above refrigeration equipment. From the trial production in August 2001 to the acceptance in December 2001, we have the following experiences:

(1) the fishing boats saved 60% of the ice, compared with the voyage before installation, 30t of ice was saved

(2) temperature of fresh storage bin. The minimum temperature can be reduced to -15 ℃. The production experience shows that when the temperature is controlled at -8 ℃ ~0 ℃, the catch quality and fresh-keeping effect are good, which can maintain the characteristics of icefish, and the market is marketable

(3) the fresh-keeping rate of catch was 100%. Compared with that before installation, it has increased by 20%. Generally, the fresh-keeping rate of the catch of the bulk ice fresh-keeping trawler is only 80%, and about 20% of the low value fish are salted

(4) the fresh-keeping quality of the catches all reached the first-class fresh-keeping degree, and the fresh-keeping characteristics of scattered ice were retained, and the fresh-keeping degree was significantly improved

(5) prolong the fresh-keeping period of the catch, and the voyage operation time can reach 40d or even longer, which improves the operation efficiency

4. summary

on the basis of traditional fresh-keeping technology, this technology applies refrigeration technology and develops into micro freezing and micro ice fresh-keeping technology, which achieves the characteristics of keeping loose ice fresh within the warranty period and the purpose of improving freshness, saves costs, prolongs the fresh-keeping period, and enhances the production capacity of deep and far sea endurance of fishing vessels. The equipment investment is small, the operability is simple, and the fishermen are easy to master and apply, The equipment warranty service is also guaranteed, which is very suitable for the production of local high-powered mass fishing boats. In the future, facing the demarcation of the Beibu Gulf, the local fishing ground will be greatly reduced. The outlet for high-power fishing boats can only be developed in the deep and open seas. High-power fishing boats will gradually promote the application of refrigeration technology and improve fresh-keeping technology ", which will promote the development of Nansha fishing ground and even the development of ocean fishing ground for mass fishing boats

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