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Thinking on the independent innovation of enterprises

first, independent innovation is a strategic choice to enhance competitiveness

first, from the characteristics of China's current economic and social development, in order to alleviate the contradiction of resource constraints and realize the transformation of economic growth mode, we must enhance the ability of independent innovation. Because China has entered the mid-term stage of industrialization development, we will build a well-off society in an all-round way in the next 15 years. However, compared with the needs of the grand goals, China's resource endowment is actually very weak. There is a shortage of arable land and fresh water resources to sustain the basic survival of 1.3 billion people, as well as energy and mineral resources to support economic growth. Objectively, we are not allowed to continue to follow the traditional industrialization path of relying on a large amount of resources in the past. We can only rely on strengthening the independent innovation ability of enterprises and countries, and promote the upgrading of industrial structure by vigorously promoting scientific and technological innovation, so as to realize the transformation of economic growth mode from extensive to intensive; Pay attention to ecological construction and environmental protection, promote coordinated economic and social development, and take the road of scientific development of life-saving and production intensive

secondly, according to the general law of international economic development, science and technology are the decisive factor in the competition of comprehensive national strength, and the independent innovation ability of enterprises is the basic force to support comprehensive national strength. In order to improve the competitiveness and risk resistance of the country, we must enhance the ability of independent innovation. In recent years, China's independent innovation capability has been continuously improved, and major breakthroughs have been made in many aspects, but there is still a big gap compared with developed countries. The original innovation ability is not strong, and the ability to absorb, digest and re innovate is also insufficient. A considerable part of the core technologies are still controlled by others, which has become a "wooden short board" that restricts China's overall competitiveness. If this situation does not change, it will be difficult to break through the technological monopoly of developed countries and their transnational corporations, and to consolidate the current relatively favorable trade position. Therefore, it has become a top priority to enhance the independent innovation ability of enterprises and countries

third, the innovation of enterprises is the foundation of the national innovation system. As the main body of technological innovation, enterprises have objective regularity. Technological innovation is not just an achievement or an invention in general understanding. It is a system of integration of various forces. It is an enterprise that realizes new economic growth through the use of new technologies and processes, including new organizational methods and new management systems. The technological innovation of enterprises is ultimately tested by the market, because the ability of independent innovation lies not only in the production of scientific research achievements, but also in the transformation of achievements. Only when a new technology occupies the market, obtains benefits and wins market competitiveness can it be regarded as a successful technological innovation. The enterprise has the inherent advantage of transforming scientific and technological achievements into products; Have a sensitive mechanism to directly face the market and understand the market demand; There are also conditions for sustainable technological innovation. Therefore, as the main body of innovation, the enterprise has its objective regularity

II. Enhancing the capability of independent innovation is the core of enterprise strategy

facts have proved that the technological innovation capability of enterprises is the foundation of national technological innovation capability. Therefore, enterprises should give prominence to independent innovation in organizing and implementing the "Eleventh Five Year" development plan and strategic decision-making. Its main tasks are as follows: first, the main principals of enterprises should promote technological innovation with the spirit of breaking the boat, Implement the national innovation strategy. The second is to carefully select the path of technological innovation, effectively combine technological innovation with technology introduction, and improve the independent innovation ability of enterprises on the basis of digestion and absorption. Third, encourage all kinds of innovation of enterprises to truly create wealth

III. enhancing the independent innovation capability of enterprises requires the guidance and support of macro policies

in recent years, there is a view that after China's accession to the WTO, the government can only support basic and public technology development, and can no longer support the R & D activities of enterprises, otherwise it will violate international principles. In fact, this is a misunderstanding. On the contrary, some developed countries gain control over other countries' markets and resources by supporting their technological advantages. Facts show that developed countries with market economy are still supporting enterprises' independent R & D as usual, and various government policy orientations play a very important role in enterprises' independent innovation

first, it is necessary to establish the basic position of enterprise technological innovation. On the one hand, enterprises face the market directly, know the market best, are most sensitive to the innovation demand of products and technologies, and have the strongest innovation impulse, which is the basic position that can not be replaced by any other innovation institution. On the other hand, if the main body of technological innovation is the enterprise, then the leading force of enterprise technological innovation is the organic combination of scientists, entrepreneurs, workers, the government and other forces. For any innovation, technical strength alone is not enough. Outstanding technical innovation strength must have excellent technology, effective management and policy support and incentives to form a lasting competitive advantage in the market. The technological innovation capability of an enterprise is not only the fundamental driving force for its own development and growth, but also an important factor to enhance national competitiveness

therefore, the purpose of the national macroeconomic policy is to improve the awareness and motivation of enterprises' independent innovation. In fact, it includes giving full play to the production enthusiasm and creativity of scientists, entrepreneurs and the broad masses of workers. Through the guidance of macro policies such as finance, taxation and finance, the government guides enterprises to become the main body of scientific research and development, especially to promote large enterprises with strong technology radiation ability to become the main body of technology investment

at the same time, the self-adhesive testing is conducted by us as experimental machines to create a more favorable policy environment for science and technology-based small and medium-sized enterprises. According to the statistics of 2004, 65% of domestic invention patents in China are obtained by small and medium-sized enterprises, and 80% of new products are created by small and medium-sized enterprises. It can be seen that small and medium-sized science and technology enterprises are the enterprise groups with the most innovative vitality and facing huge innovation risks. We should formulate laws and policies that are conducive to innovation and fair competition among small and medium-sized enterprises, and establish and improve the service system for small and medium-sized science and technology enterprises

second, it is necessary to establish a technological innovation system with enterprises as the main body, market as the guide, and the combination of industry, University and research, so as to form a basic institutional framework for independent innovation. At present, from the micro point of view, China has become an international market with a large number of multinational companies and high-speed development. Chinese enterprises have begun to "dance with Wolves" and are naturally the main body of market competition. The focus of competition has also shifted from product quality to the initial stage of technology research and development. In this environment, the national independent innovation system must take enterprises as the main body. From a macro point of view, China's original scientific research system can no longer meet the needs of the fiercely competitive market. The prominent problem is that R & D is seriously divorced from the transformation of production results. The effective way to solve this problem is to establish a national engineering laboratory and industry engineering center with enterprises as the main body, market-oriented, and attracting the participation of colleges and universities and scientific research institutions, so as to integrate the technological advantages of the industry, region and even the world for innovation and competition

third, formulate fiscal, tax and financial policies to encourage enterprises to become the main body of technological innovation. An independent innovation in various structural parts of large aircraft, automobile engine shell and wheel hub in China, from the initial conception to the formation of products and industries, is usually a process of great investment risk. To solve the problem of innovative financing, we must establish a set of financial and tax systems that encourage enterprises to innovate independently. For example, encourage enterprises to increase R & D investment with tax policies; We will accelerate the integration of domestic and foreign enterprise income taxes, implement fair taxation, and encourage enterprises to develop their own brand products. Establish and improve the technology property rights trading market, provide support for science and technology venture capital companies, and provide preferential loans for major national science and technology industrialization projects; Improve the investment legal system of independent innovation

financial input is still a necessary condition and basic guarantee for scientific and technological innovation. Increasing scientific and technological input is to improve scientific and technological innovation, so it is necessary to verify the speed; Deformation occurs when the beam is stressed: the material selection ability of the beam is improper, which is an important support for promoting economic and social development and enhancing comprehensive national strength. Under the current level of economic development in China, the central financial investment should account for a considerable proportion of the whole society's R & D investment, and can play a role in driving and guiding the whole society's R & D investment

fourth, make full use of government procurement policies to support independent innovation. It is a common practice in developed countries to use government procurement policies to promote technological innovation, product innovation and industrial structure upgrading. The United States is one of the first countries to use government procurement to support and promote technological innovation. Since the 1930s, the U.S. government has successively formulated the purchase of American products act, the federal tseasone purchase act, etc., which specifically formulated the content of procurement for innovative technologies and products. Judging from the situation in China, at present, government procurement is still mainly aimed at saving money, which is necessary, but its role in promoting independent innovation is not obvious. We should further improve the relevant laws and regulations on government procurement, give priority to the procurement of domestic innovative technologies and products, and encourage and protect independent innovation as the main goal of government procurement

fifth, it is necessary to establish effective technology transfer mechanisms and policies. By further improving the national intellectual property protection system, we will create a legal environment conducive to the generation and transfer of independent intellectual property rights. We will strengthen the protection of intellectual property rights, consciously improve the intellectual property protection system, and optimize the innovation environment. In the long run, without intellectual property protection, there will be no lasting impetus for innovation. We should establish a legal system to prevent the abuse of intellectual property rights. At the same time, we should also prevent the abuse of intellectual property rights to suppress unfair competition in technological innovation. Develop various intermediary service agencies for science and technology, and promote the flow and transfer of technology and knowledge among enterprises, enterprises, universities and scientific research institutes; We should open up national scientific research bases and scientific and technological resources to the public, form a market-based mechanism for the transfer and diffusion of scientific and technological achievements, and speed up the transfer of scientific and technological achievements. (end)

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