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Thinking about digital printing in China

the series of activities of "digital printing in China" works Grand Prix initiated by keyin media, on the evening of August 18, in the full house of guests and in the expectant gaze, the winners of "keyin Cup" digital printing works Grand Prix were the owners. Shenhaiyang, President of China Printing Group, Ms. Wang Yanbin, senior management of Fuji Xerox, EFI, Canon and Kodak, deputy director of printing reproduction management department of the General Administration of publishing, and Mr. wuwenxiang, chairman of China Printing Technology Association attended the meeting

after the conference, a collection of papers with exquisite printing and unique typesetting style gathered the views of all parties. After reading Bi Fu's paper, the author pondered what "digital printing in China" has brought us

"the biggest difference between this evaluation and other printing competitions is that the judges not only pay attention to the quality of printed products, but also pay great attention to the application prospects of the y-axis industry and market for the platform operation of printed products", one of the judges, Chenyan, deputy general manager of keyin media, looked at the full table of participating works after the intense evaluation work, The development of digital printing in China has a history of more than ten years. Taking Beijing, where multinational enterprises and embassies are concentrated, as an example, the Graphic Express shop in Beijing has been the only Asian Graphic Express shop in the market that is compatible with the traditional tools and processes for manufacturing fan blades since the first generation elium was established, After more than ten years of history, there are now "three generations" of history. Due to the high unit cost of digital printing, its application is not popular. Yangliren, general manager of Beijing Huali Zhicheng Technology Co., Ltd., said in an interview with the author that the Express Printing shop in Beijing has just begun. An expert predicted a few years ago that the number of digital printing solutions would reach 100000 sets. In fact, several years have passed. So far, its application has not exceeded 3000 sets, which seems to be clearly telling people that digital printing has just begun

chenguoqiang, sales manager of Saikang (Shanghai), put forward the concept of "industrialized digital printing" in his paper "industrialized digital printing - new opportunities in the printing field". He believes that only when any technology enters the application stage of industrialized production can it create the greatest social value. Therefore, only by realizing industrial production can digital printing finally promote the development of the entire printing industry. " "Industrial digital printing is a new digital printing method which is different from di printing and Ordinary Express Printing. It takes industrial production as the ultimate goal and faces high-end demand. It breaks through the speed and production performance of copier digital printing, and its quality and output are close to offset printing. It can well complete mass, personalized and variable data printing at low cost.". For example, vertis (one of the largest advertising and media service providers in the United States) owns five Xeikon 5000. Their unique "one pass, two-sided printing" technology, with a production speed of 7800 pages/hour A4, will show their style in the direct mail market when a large number of foreign-funded enterprises flow into China

it is feasible for data printing to move towards variable data printing

xuwenge, general manager of Shanghai huobo Information Technology Co., Ltd., believes in the article "digital printing has entered a variable era", that digital printing will either move towards ultra short edition printing, or it will not be variable data printing. In terms of domestic printing labor, the labor and cost of this industry are much cheaper than those in foreign countries. In contrast, digital printing requires short time, high quality, multiple pages of finished products and less. If users can't meet the requirements, they will "abandon the secret and turn to the bright": they will turn to traditional printing. Therefore, the way out for digital printing is "if all control parameters and measurement results can be displayed in real time on large screen LCD"; At the same time, the traditional plate making and printing make the production of blow molding machines constitute big data. No matter how low the cost is, it can not be lower than the printing cost. This is the advantage of variable data printing; In terms of the value of customized products, according to a survey report of cap venture, personalized direct mail advertising using variable data printing can increase the response rate of target customers by 34%. It can be seen that variable data printing is actually feasible and necessary, although few people are involved now

the positioning of printing as an "information service industry" was further interpreted.

the imitation series of calligraphy and painting collected in the Forbidden City selected by Beijing shengcaihong plate making technology Co., Ltd. won the grand prize. The judges' comments on it were: "this series of works is an organic combination of new materials (coated silk) and new processes (inkjet technology + Color Management) in the reproduction of ancient paintings and calligraphy. The color management is lifelike, the ink color is pure, the ink rhyme level is rich, the silk texture is clear, and it is very close to the original work. The antique features have been well reproduced, providing valuable experience for the replication of simulated works of art by digital printing technology"

although this activity is commendable, there are still some regrets:

it did not jump out of the "printing industry" and let more people know it.

from the supporting media of this activity, it includes printing technology, printing manager, China's printing materials business situation, printing magazine, printing quality and standardization, desktop yellow pages, Guangdong printing, Huicong, Designated network partner: keyin. In terms of the number of media, there are nine (7 print media and 2 online media). Apart from desktop yellow pages, Guangdong Printing and Huicong, other media are all series of media under keyin media, which can be described as "own people"

the most regrettable thing is that this event did not attract the attention of mass media or institutions such as Xinhua news agency, China News Agency, people's daily, Beijing News, etc., that is, it did not jump out of the "printing industry" and go to the public's vision, which is a failure of the organizer. With the status of digital printing in China, such as its close relationship with the Olympic Games (for example, the 2008 Olympic Games will have a document printing task of nearly 140million prints), the mass media should have something worth highlighting

it is understood that the imitation series of calligraphy and painting collected by the Palace Museum, which won the grand prize, was exhibited in Beijing's happy art village before the "digital printing in China", which caused a sensation. People, Xinhua news agency, CCTV and other domestic heavyweight media reported that they gave it high praise. Is it "the limelight has passed". The author believes that there are many highlights in the activity of "digital printing in China", which can fully attract the attention of many mass media

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