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When you see the wireless signals available in each area, is there a little excitement in your heart? But in most cases, you are required to enter the security key

when you see the available wireless signals in each area, is there a little excitement in your heart? But in most cases, you are required to enter the security key. What should I do if I don't know the password and I really need it urgently? Is there a way to crack the password of the wireless router? Is there any password cracking software? Let Xiaobian teach you some tricks

detailed steps for password cracking of wireless router:

prerequisites and preparations:

1. The computer can search for wireless network signals

2. A computer with a wireless network card (laptop desktop can be used, as long as the wireless network card is compatible with BT3. BT3 here is not the BT download we often see, it can be considered as a Linux system with some computer security software)

3, one USB flash disk above 2G

4. Search and download BT3 (about 900 megabytes)

5. Search and download the wireless router password cracking software spoonwep2 Chinese package

installation steps:

1. Format the USB drive and configure it as shown in the figure below. The only thing to note is that the file system is FAT32

2. Decompress the BT3 downloaded just now and copy it to the USB drive. After that, you will see two folders under the USB drive directory, one boot and one BT3

3. Start installing BT3 system. Click start run, enter CMD, and then press enter to enter command line mode. First, enter the drive letter of your USB drive. Here is h drive. Enter H: then enter, then enter CD boot, enter, enter the boot folder, and finally boot Bat enter, BT3 will be installed, as shown in the following figure. Then a prompt screen will appear during the installation. Let's leave it alone and press any key to continue

4. Then, the computer will automatically set the boot record, and the whole process is about 10 seconds. After the following screen appears, this USB flash disk can guide the system into BT3

5. Unzip the previously downloaded spoonwep2, which contains six files with an extension of LZM. Copy these six files to the bt3modules folder on your USB flash drive

start cracking:

1. Insert the USB disk with the system installed into the computer, restart it, enter the BIOS, and set the USB disk as the first startup sequence of the computer. (if this has not been set, you can ask others, or find the setting method on the Internet. The method of entering the BIOS of each computer is also different, such as pressing F2, del, F1, etc. after starting the USB drive, the computer will automatically bring us into the BT3 operating system (if there is an interface selection, you need to select VESA mode). The system interface is like this:

3, start spoonweb2 software:

select start backtrack-> radio network analysis-> 80211-> all-> Spoonwep2 is the same as windows operation

after starting spoonwep2, you will see the select network card information setting window. We need to set the local network card interface, wireless network card chip type and scanning mode in turn. Click next to continue after selecting

click the next button to enter the specific scanning window. We click the launch button in the upper right corner to start scanning, and then press this button to stop scanning

the software will automatically scan the surrounding wireless networks. During the scanning process, it will automatically list the information of the found wireless networks, transmission speed, the size of the intercepted communication packets, the frequency of the used wireless signals, encryption types, etc

after scanning for a period of time, there are almost several signals

after about 8 minutes, the WEP password came out naturally. After we get the password, we can go back to the windows system and enter the password you cracked earlier, that is, the network key, and then we can connect it

Xiaobian, the password cracking method of wireless router here is only for experience exchange, not to remind everyone to crack others' passwords. If you illegally use this method in daily life and cause adverse effects, the consequences will be borne by the user himself

the relevant information about password cracking software is introduced here. I hope this article is helpful to you. If there is anything else you don't understand, you can leave a message to Xiaobian below, and we will answer it for you as soon as possible




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