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Bathroom cabinet should not only be a space for carrying and storing, nor a simple bathroom furniture, but also an integrator of modern fashion bathroom functions. People can perform many functions related to modern fashion quality life such as beauty salon, skin maintenance, facial care, ironing and finishing, and even reading and rest in the bathroom. Many electrical equipment such as hair dryer, oxygen activation, shaving, steam washing, sauna, etc. can also be settled in the bathroom. Of course, there are also various makeup, bathing, hygiene Cleaning and washing supplies

it can be said that the emergence of the overall bathroom cabinet is an unimaginable bathroom revolution. It endows the bathroom with diversified functions and more interest in life. According to the characteristics of different bathroom spaces and the different needs of consumers, professional design is carried out to fully meet the personalized functional needs of users, create a new concept of bathroom space, and create a fashionable bathroom lifestyle. You Feng said, "e; Sabina's overall bathroom cabinet is to turn the functions that consumers need but do not know how to realize into reality through design, and at the same time, we should further design the functions that people did not expect but actually need "

from “ Integrated bath cabinet ” To “ Integral bathroom &rdquo

one time, “ Overall wind ” Almost all over the bathroom cabinet industry, bathroom enterprises have also begun to realize the market trend of overall bathroom, and have integrated resources to launch a new generation of products with the concept of overall bathroom

in this regard, you Feng said that the definition of the overall bathroom cabinet can be divided into narrow sense and broad sense. At present, many bathroom cabinet enterprises mostly stay in the integration of bathroom cabinets, mirrors, countertops, faucets, lighting and other components, which is the narrow sense of the overall bathroom cabinet. The generalized concept of the whole should be extended to the whole bathroom space “ Our focus is not only on the beauty of products, but also on the development of bathroom functions, creating a more comfortable and practical bathroom life for consumers, and extending the concept of the overall bathroom cabinet to the overall bathroom& rdquo;

“ Although the bathroom cabinet industry is a new industry, it is a sunrise industry. In the bathroom space, only the bathroom cabinet can shoulder " Integration "e; Our mission is to integrate other elements of sanitary ware and bring people a brand-new concept of sanitary ware& rdquo;

you Feng said that intellectualization will be an important development direction of bathroom cabinets in the future. High technologies such as dryers, LCD TVs, far-infrared, negative oxygen ions, touch water temperature control, cold storage, disinfection cabinets and so on can be integrated into the overall bathroom cabinet. This can not be achieved by only one enterprise in the industry. This can only be achieved step by step through the continuous exploration and promotion of the whole industry

with “ Standardized customization ” Welcome to the era of fine decoration

on April 8, 2010, Xiamen Construction and Administration Bureau said that in the future, commercial residential projects in Xiamen Island must be fine decoration before they can be listed for trading. In this regard, insiders said that the hardbound housing market has a good prospect, which will drive the home decoration market in Xiamen. This industry has a considerable market of at least several billion, or even tens of billions. So, as a new bathroom cabinet industry, how should we face the hardcover era that has come

bathroom cabinet is an industry that increasingly emphasizes personalized customization. How to solve the contradiction between personalized customization and the mass production demand of hardbound houses has become the first problem that the industry needs to face. In this regard, you Feng proposed that the development of the bathroom cabinet industry can fully refer to the development path of kitchen cabinets, and combine standardization with personalized customization to “ Standardized customization ” Welcome the era of fine decoration

the standardized customization nature of kitchen cabinets has tested and matured the order receiving and production mode of cabinet factories, which is different from the production mode of general furniture. Even if the products required by each customer are different, large-scale production can be achieved

you Feng even envisions the future of bathroom cabinets “ Both soft and hard ” The standardized part of the bathroom cabinet, as the hard decoration in the decoration, is completed before the hardbound room is handed over; The decorative part of the bathroom cabinet can be used as soft decoration, allowing the owner to choose the style and color by himself, and taking into account the personalized needs while mass production. In this way, the bathroom cabinet industry can be more closely combined with the fine decoration, adding points to the fine decoration developers




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