Cleaning and maintenance skills of white furniture

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Although white is very beautiful, it is not resistant to dirt. It is easy to turn yellow, which is very troublesome to clean. Here are some tips for cleaning white furniture

white furniture 1. Tea

once the furniture brushed with paint is contaminated with dust, you can find some gauze wrapped with wet tea residue to wipe, or dip a fine cloth in toilet water or strong tea with a little alcohol, and gently wipe the furniture, so that the dust can be easily removed

it should be noted that after wiping the furniture with tea, don't forget to wipe the tea with a wet cloth with clean water to avoid affecting the color

white furniture 2. Toothpaste

white painted furniture is easy to turn yellow after a long time. You might as well dip some toothpaste or tooth powder with a rag and gently apply it on the furniture. The toothpaste has bleaching effect, which can improve the yellowing of furniture to a certain extent

when wiping, be gentle and don't wipe the paint off. Finally, wipe the toothpaste residue with a wet rag

white furniture 3. White vinegar

mix white vinegar with warm water in the ratio of 1:1, dip it in a fine cloth and gently wipe the surface of the furniture, and the general stains can be easily removed. If you encounter stubborn stains, let the white vinegar stay on the surface of the stains for a while, and then use a soft cloth to wipe with a little force

white furniture 4. Glycerin

if there is glycerin at home, it is much easier to do. It will be more thorough to put a few drops of glycerin into the water and then wipe the furniture with the mixed liquid. Remember, do not use water to scrub, especially soapy water and alkaline water, which will damage the smoothness of furniture

white furniture 5. Beer

you are right. Beer can also be used to clean furniture. Pour 1400ml beer and heat it to boil, then add 14g sugar and 20g beeswax, mix and stir. After the solution cools, you can dip it in a soft cloth to scrub the furniture

white furniture 6. Lemon

beer can clean, so can lemon. What about the traces left by the burning of the varnished wood? Cut a lemon into pieces, or wipe it with a cloth dipped in lemon juice, and then wipe it with hot water. Finally, dry it quickly with a dry cloth, and the furniture will regain its original luster

white furniture 7. Milk

don't throw away expired milk. It's a good cleaner. Find a clean rag, soak it in milk, and then take out the rag to wipe the wooden furniture. The decontamination effect is very good. Wait until the stains are removed, and then wipe away the traces of milk with clean water

the above is an introduction to the cleaning skills of white furniture. I hope it will be helpful to you. If you want to know more about sofa purchasing, please pay attention to the decoration information channel





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