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Looking for guerrillas to decorate will save more money

buying a house will spend almost all your savings. The funds you can invest in decoration are very limited, and you have no requirements for design. As long as the house is installed and can live. After comparing with many companies, they also found that there was no need to pay design fees to find guerrillas, and they could basically meet their own needs. The reason why the total budget of guerrillas is so low is not that they save the company's operating and management costs for customers, but that they deliberately fail to report projects in order to attract customers to reduce the cost. Once the construction officially starts, additional projects and funds will continue to appear in front of you. When the whole project is completed, you will find that they not only delay the construction period, the process is rough, and the total cost is almost the same as that of the formal decoration company. Tips: for decoration friends with limited funds, formal home decoration companies (not only have business licenses, but also have qualification certificates) will be a good choice. The introduction of acquaintances must be reliable. Asking acquaintances for help and introduction has become the first reflex action we will make when we are involved in unfamiliar industries. Therefore, in case of unfamiliar decoration, it is 100% trust to find an acquaintance in the home decoration industry or let an acquaintance introduce it. At this time, it is very emotional to go through the company's channels, and it is inevitable to sign a private bill. Decoration consists of many links. One person can only participate in one of them and can only be responsible for that link. Therefore, when the construction team loses the constraints of the system on them, even if acquaintances help you decorate, the quality of the whole decoration is worrying. And the private order is called as it can save you the money paid to the decoration company. In fact, it only saves the quality of auxiliary materials and increases the profits of the construction team. Tips: those who take the formal way and don't covet small gains will never suffer big losses. Designers must take kickbacks when buying materials. Many costume friends are skeptical of the material brands recommended by designers, thinking that there is something fishy in them. Buying them is equivalent to sending them to the door to let designers take kickbacks. Out of self-protection, we chose to avoid designers and go shopping alone. In order to avoid making yourself a wrongdoer, costume friends can go shopping more before starting decoration, write down the products they like, and after selecting the decoration company and designer, let the designer recommend one of the many products they choose according to the style of the room, so as to take more initiative in their own hands. Tips: in order to facilitate customers and prevent designers from taking kickbacks in disguise, front-line decoration companies are basically equipped with their own main material stores, and some decoration funds can be saved when the purchase amount reaches a certain limit. In order to avoid workers cutting corners, will workers cut corners when they go to the construction site every day in their absence? Did the workers slow down the construction progress during their absence? When we hand over the home we will live in for a lifetime to a group of strangers who meet by chance, one is called “ Delusion of victimization ” Something began to happen. Therefore, we will appear on the construction site on time than checking in at work. In order to ensure the quality of the construction site, the formal decoration company has equipped each construction site with supervisors. Every time a worker finishes a process, the supervisor needs to sign on the site for acceptance. If it does not meet the standard, the supervisor will order the worker to rectify and accept again. Therefore, choosing a good company and letting a good management system help you control the quality of the construction site is many times better than being a layman guarding the construction site. Tips: when selecting a decoration company, make clear two points: one is whether the company is equipped with supervisors, and the other is what the company's standardized construction technology is. Compare a few more, and you will naturally know which is better or worse. Making cabinets on site can better improve the space utilization rate. The kitchen space is narrow, or the kitchen belongs to the decoration friends of special-shaped space. Under the lobbying of designers and workers, in order to improve the space utilization rate, we often choose to make cabinets on site. Of course, there is another reason for doing this choice, that is, the price. Generally speaking, finished cabinets are more expensive than self-made cabinets.   “ Every penny counts ” This sentence is the truth, don't believe it. Even if all the selected self-made cabinets are environmentally friendly materials, the different manufacturing processes will still cause the cabinets to be environmentally unprotected. Take wood sealing for example, the machine can be 100% sealed at one time, but it can't completely seal the formaldehyde and other harmful gases in the wood by manual operation for many times. In addition, we should know that regular cabinet brands have their own professional kitchen designers. Tips: after finding the products you like from many cabinet brands, take the house type map and ask the designer of the brand to help you plan the functional zoning of the whole kitchen. Solid wood flooring is delicate, and laminate flooring is durable. Everyone believes in such a legend: “ Solid wood floor is a woman's face, and laminate floor is a man's face& rdquo; A woman's face needs maintenance, but a man's face needs cleaning. Therefore, many decorators have to give up the beautiful texture of solid wood flooring and choose the laminate flooring with rigid design and color, but the care can be done only with a mop





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